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Is it Possible to Control Your Weight Using Hypnosis?

Weight Management

Weight Loss Weight management is much more than merely losing weight. Managing your weight in a healthy way ensures optimal health and reduces the risks that come with some diets.

Therefore, managing your weight means entering into an agreement with yourself to eat healthy foods in the correct quantities, exercising in a natural way and reducing your excess body fat.

For these reasons weight management products are becoming just as popular as weight-loss products. Ensuring you get the correct nutrition, proper exercise and eliminate harmful fat on your body can sometimes seem like hard work.

With such conflicting advice existing in the weight-loss industry it can be difficult to know when the advice you are given is correct for you, effective and, sometimes, even safe!

Your Body Knows

We are all built in a similar way ot the other members of the animal kingdom. As mammals we have the ability to naturally reach an equilibrium with our environment.

Since the dawn of our species our bodies have been evolving slowly, but cleverly, just as our brains have.

HypnosisOver millions of years evolution has developed the finest working machine known - you!

When you need to eat your body lets you know by sending signals to the brain that it is hungry.

Likewise when you eat your body knows when it is full and sends signals to your brain telling it so.

However, most of the time we ignore these signals and go on eating)!

When you learn to listen to your body it guides you naturally to perform actions, automatically, that keep you in peak physical fitness!

Your Mind Often Ignores Your Body

When the human body sends signals to the brain letting it know what it needs very often these signals are completely ignored.

A person with a weight issue has merely conditioned their mind to ignore their body!

Through mental reconditioning it is possible to reverse this situation and learn to work with your body so you can achieve your natural, ideal weight.

Weight Management Hypnosis

Reconditioning The Mind

The human brain is the most powerful computer known to Man. This bio-computer is capable of calculating extremely difficult mathematical equations in a fraction of a second (like the trajectory of a baseball and its speed as well as the needed adjustments it must make in your muscles to raise your batting arm to hit the ball in exactly the right place at exactly the right time).

The world's greatest super computerYour brain, or more accurately your mind, is responsible for automatically regulating your heart rate, blood pressure and all the other bodily functions you take for granted, as well as directing your behaviours, responses and even your desires.

Your brain is a super-computer!

When you have access to a computer that powerful it's worth learning how to use it!

You see, all your automatic behaviours, beliefs, memories and emotional responses are stored in the subconscious part of your mind.

If you hate exercise it is merely because your subconscious mind has been conditioned to hate exercise. If you like chocolate cake and hate carrots it is only because your subconscious mind has been conditioned to believe carrots do not taste nice while chocolate tastes terrific.

Just as it is possible to use hypnosis to remove fears and phobias it is just as easy to use this powerful mind tool to change your attitude to food and exercise!

You can actually condition your mind to enjoy the taste of healthy food and crave it. In addition you can also train your mind to enjoy exercise!


Hypnosis has long been the choice of mind tool for creating fast, permanent and effective changes in attitude, outlook, behaviours and responses.

Hypnosis can help you lose weightWhy?

Because it works!

Using hypnosis it is possible to make the life-altering changes in attitude that you need to make in order to achieve and maintain your optimal weight and body shape.

Working with the correct hypnosis program it is possible to recondition your subconscious to make eating correctly and exercising healthily the natural and automatic behaviour for you.

Through a professional hypnosis session you can gain the motivation to stick to your goals and actually enjoy pursuing and achieving those goals.

Weight Management Hypnosis

How Hypnosis Can Help

Any good hypnosis product designed to help you manage your weight must address several areas of your life.

1. Your relationship to food.

2. Your relationship to exercise.

3. Your motivation or drive to achieve your ideal weight.

By addressing these areas of your life it is possible to change your subconscious programming to reflect a more healthy outlook. It then becomes easy and natural for you to attain your perfect body shape.

You begin to listen to the signals that your body naturally sends to your brain and thus begin to work with your body instead of against it!

Weight Management Hypnosis

The best hypnosis product that we tested, which addressed all areas mentioned above, was the Weight Management Hypnosis CD (also available as an MP3 download).

Although this Weight Management Hypnosis title comes on one CD it is, in fact, three separate hypnosis sessions. Each session is designed to create a different change in your attitudes and behaviours connected to one of the life areas mentioned above.

Weight Management HypnosisSession 1 is designed to remove your cravings for unhealthy food while at the same time conditioning your mind to desire and enjoy a healthy alternative.

Session 2 has been created to increase you desire for exercise. This hypnosis session conditions the subconscious mind with a deep desire for healthy regulated exercise. This means you will automatically want to exercise and enjoy the whole process.

Session 3 is designed to create, not only motivation but also, excitement about your weight management goals. Keeping motivated to achieve your ideal weight is extremely important. Almost any good weight management plan will work if you can stick to it.

Unfortunately though most people quit before they see any real tangible results from their efforts and quickly slip back into their previous eating and exercise habits - many times their situation actually worsens!

With the desire to eat healthy foods in the correct portions, the natural feelings of enjoyment gained from proper exercise and the motivation to stick to your weight management goals you will find it extremely easy to achieve your aims!

Weight Management Hypnosis


We would like to stress that hypnosis is not a "magic pill" for weight-loss or weight management. However, it is an extremely, medically backed, tool for changing the psychology of the mind. Without proper dietary restrictions and exercise you will never achieve your ideal weight.

However, it has been proven that achieving weight-related (or any) goals it is necessary to make changes in attitude and behaviour. This is where hypnosis excels. By changing your relationship to food and exercise you can create internal changes in yourself that make eating healthy foods and exercising properly things that you do naturally and also enjoy doing.

The Weight Management Hypnosis CD is one of the most powerful we tried and it delivers on its promises. With a 90 money-back guarantee the suppliers of the three hypnosis sessions on this CD demonstrate their confidence in their product and take all the risk out of your purchase.

Weight Management Hypnosis



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