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Are You Stressed Out?
Do You Feel Exhausted & Irritated?
Is Stress Taking Over Your Life?


Stressed OutWe have all experienced stress in our lives. Although there can be many different things that trigger the onset of stress, the core cause of it is always the same. Stress is a result of being unable to cope effectively with the emotional and physical responses to a perceived threat. This threat may be real or simply imagined.

Simply put - stress is triggered when we are confronted with outside forces that feel threatening to us and appear to be beyond our ability to control. However, although it appears that outside forces are causing your stress it is really how you are responding to the situation that determines your level of stress!

Although stress has its roots in the mind it is not just a psychological phenomenon. Stress has very real and harmful physiological effects also. When you perceive something as a threat not only do you react emotionally but your body also reacts. When the "Fight or Flight" response kicks-in your body produces excess adrenaline to give you a boost of energy so that you can either fight or flee.

However, in modern times very often this "fight or flight" response occurs when it is neither appropriate nor in our best interest to attack or run away!

Many times we feel stressed at work or in our interpersonal relationships or when something challenging happens in our lives. Although the "fight or flight" response is really not needed during these times this does not stop the body from reacting in that way and producing additional adrenaline to give you added energy.

If you are in a situation where attacking or running is not an option then the adrenaline produced by a stressful situation is not going to be used for its originally intended purpose. However, this extra adrenaline must still be expended in some way!

Therefore, as you do not use the excess adrenaline in the way your body intended it to be used, but you must use it in some other way, you often find that it takes the form of agitation, aggression or muscle tension or all of them.

Stress Kills!

Although the effects of stress are different for everyone there are some common symptoms that indicate the onset of stress!

Stress is a killerCommon emotional symptoms of stress include a short temper, anxiety and nervousness. These can result in behavioural changes such as overeating or loss of appetite, mood swings and loss of enthusiasm.

Physical symptoms of stress include tension in the body, digestive disorders, tiredness or lack of sleep, headaches and muscle pains.

Prolonged exposure to stress can have long-term damaging effects on the body. In extreme cases stress can place so much strain on the heart that it leads to coronary complications (such as a heart attack)!

Stress Relief

Many people try to deal with stress through cigarettes, recreational drugs or alcohol. Other people use prescription or over-the-counter drugs as aids for combating stress. Some people use these stress coping mechanisms regularly as aids for creating relaxation in the body or to induce sleep. Others come to rely on them just to function properly.

Some stress relief methods are harmfulAlthough partaking in these forms of escape may alleviate the stress for a little while, over time they actually elevate stress levels and also carry major health risks of their own!

One of the best ways to unravel stress, without having to rely on harmful drugs, is through relaxation.

Relaxation exercises are a popular way to reduce stress because they calm the mind and also minimise the type of muscle tension that often leads to stress headaches and other unwanted physical symptoms.

The problem with relaxation exercises is that they are often difficult to perform when you are in a stressed-out state.

Hypnosis, on the other hand, eliminates the need to focus on exercises as the trance induction naturally relaxes the mind and body.

Stress Relief Hypnosis


Hypnosis is one of the most powerful stress management tools available. It has proven such a successful form of stress-relief therapy that is now approved by the American and British Medical Associations.

The applications of hypnosis have been widely researched and its positive effects on stress management have been reported by leading medical schools and researchers across the world for decades.

Modern Medical studies have shown that hypnosis can relieve stressIn fact the Center on Stress and Health, at Stanford School of Medicine, under the direction of Dr. David Spiegel, has conducted many studies into the application of hypnosis as a stress management tool.

Dr Spiegel's work, showing that hypnosis is a highly effective tool for controlling stress, has lead him to become so renowned and well respected amongst the medical profession and beyond that he was even asked to appear on Good Morning America to discuss his research.

Like those conducted by Dr Spiegel there are hundreds of other cases of stress reduction due to the use of hypnosis that have been verified under clinical conditions. It is a well-established fact that hypnosis can be used to significantly reduce stress.

What we wanted to know was - could we find a pre-made hypnosis session that can help you reduce stress equally as well as a one-on-one session with a trained hypnotherapist?

Hypnosis Reviews

We reviewed many hypnosis recordings for stress relief. We found the Richard MacKenzie stress hypnosis to be the best.

We were almost going to bypass this product as the website where we actually downloaded it is poorly designed. Although MacKenzie is obviously British I believe the website promoting his MP3 recordings has been designed by someone for whom English is not their first language! It was obvious to us that this site was not the official website for Richard MacKenzie.

The site seems to be a part of the "Richard MacKenzie Europe Network" and although it is not MacKenzie produced it is officially affiliated with him.

We only decided to test this hypnosis recording (and discovered all the facts listed above) because we researched MacKenzie and found another website promoting his products.

This site is much more professionally produced and a lot more comprehensive than the European one. This is obviously MacKenzie's official site.

However, we also found that the recordings are more than twice the price if you download them from the official site.

We downloaded the Stress hypnosis from the European site and also from the official site and found that they were identical.

This means the hypnosis recordings are available from two different sites that have a huge difference in price!

50% off Stress HypnosisSo, although the European site is not that slick, and the English does not exactly flow correctly you are getting a saving of 50% by downloading your hypnosis session from there. In addition to the saving you also get a full no-questions-asked money-back guarantee with the cheaper download.

After investigating the money-back guarantee claim we found that all downloads on the site are offered through ClickBank. It is ClickBank who back the guarantee. ClickBank are one of the oldest online vendors with highly secure servers. We have claimed refunds from them before and found that they have a high level of integrity and conduct their business very professionally.

It is also worthy of note that, not only would you pay twice as much for the same product on the official site but, you are not offered a guarantee either!

So, with an offer of a money-back guarantee and 50% off exactly the same product and with identical download times and speeds it is a no-brainer which site you should buy from.

"Why does the European site differ so greatly from the official site", you may wonder? Well, we have no idea! All we know is that you are getting a much better deal by purchasing the hypnosis MP3 from that site!

Richard MacKenzie

So what about the actual hypnosis session itself? Well the hypnotic script was written and recorded by Richard MacKenzie.

Mackenzie is at the forefront of hypnotherapy. He continually adds to his, already extensive, experience and knowledge in the field of hypnosis.

Richard Mackenzie HypnotherapistHe attained his hypnotherapy qualifications by studying at The Washington School of Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis. His hypnotherapy qualifications are recognized in the USA by the National Guild of Hypnotists and by the National Council of Hypnosis in the UK.

As well as being a fully licensed hypnotherapist MacKenzie also received a level 4 Vocational award in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) from the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the NCFE Awarding Body.

His credentials are impressive and when you listen to his hypnosis sessions you can tell that all those years of training was time well spent!

50% cheaper Stress Relief Hypnosis

Stress Hypnosis MP3

Everyone knows that the antidote to stress is relaxation. Stress tenses the muscles of the body and spins the head into a multitude of thoughts and emotions. Through hypnosis you can instantly relax and feel your stresses melting away.

The Stress Relief Hypnosis MP3 does just that! The hypnotic induction is fast and effective. MacKenzie uses clever hypnotic language and, what he calls "self change hypnosis", to create deep states of altered awareness.

After the initial induction sequence your subconscious mind is guided to release your stresses at deep levels of the mind and body. This ensures that the relaxation and stress-free feelings you experience during trance stay with you once the hypnosis is over.

Although you will enter fairly deep states of trance from your very first listening, deeper states do become available to you when you listen to the hypnosis regularly. What you will also find is that your tolerance levels for things that usually cause you stress will rise if you listen to your hypnosis session daily or at least three times a week over several weeks.

Hypnosis acts as a de-stressor by relaxing your mind and body and leading you into a deep trance state. This relaxation of mind and body melts away stresses and anxieties while you remain in this state.

However, this particular hypnosis session is designed to keep you in that relaxed for quite a few hours afterward the hypnosis session has finished. It also seems to reset your emotional triggers so that situations, which usually stress you out, no longer seem to be as big a deal as they once were.

Therefore not only is instant relief from your stress possible with this recording but prolonged use of this product actually appears to lower your levels of stress by raising your tolerance levels to the things that you usually find stressful!


We tried many hypnotic titles for stress relief and found that many of them were very effective. This is not surprising as hypnosis is designed to relax the mind and body therefore automatically reducing stress just through the natural progression of trance.

However, some recordings were able to prolong these stress-free feelings longer than others. We found that the Richard MacKenzie Stress Hypnosis MP3 helped us stay stress free for the longest period of time after the hypnosis session.

We also noted that, unlike almost all the other tracks we tried, this hypnosis session had long reaching effects. It has the ability, with regular prolonged use, to lower stress levels in everyday situations by raising a person's tolerance levels for situations, circumstances, people etc., which would normally cause stressful reactions!

Although Mackenzie has an official site it is much better to download his MP3 hypnosis sessions from a European affiliate site. This site offers exactly the same recordings as the official site but with a price reduction of 50% and a full 60 day money-back guarantee that is backed by a well established and highly respected Internet vendor.

The official site has no such guarantee and offers the same products at twice the price!

This hypnosis session is by far the best we tried. It creates almost instantaneous feelings of relaxation that last for hours after the session is over. In addition it has far-reaching benefits because it raises your tolerance for things you would usually find stressful and lowers your overall stress levels through regular and prolonged use.

All-in-all this is a great product.

50% cheaper Stress Relief Hypnosis



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