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Are You Worried About the Effect Smoking Is Having on Your Health?
Are Your Tired of Paying For Your Anti-Social Habit?
Have You Tried to Quit Before & Failed?
Hypnosis Can Help You to Stop!

Matt Damon Used Hypnosis to Stop Smoking
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Stop Smoking Hypnosis


Smoking killsEvery year hundreds of thousands of men and women die from diseases caused by smoking. If you are a life-long smoker then you have a 50% chance of dying due to your addiction. You also have a 25% chance of dying in middle age!

About 1 in every heart related deaths is due to the effects of smoking. I'm sure you know that smoking is a major cause of a variety of cancers; tar from cigarettes coats the lungs and causes cancerous cells to grow.

Did you know that each puff of a tobacco product causes your heart to speed up and raises your blood pressure? This puts strain on your heart and blood vessels increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Because smoking greatly reduces the flow of blood throughout your body your hands and feet are starved of nutrients and oxygen culminating, for many people, in amputation!

The list of health risks from smoking is lengthy. Simply put - Smoking Kills!

The Cost Of a Puff

Although the health risks should be enough to force anyone to quit it is not the only reason to want to give-up the habit of smoking.

The financial cost of such an addiction is hefty. Many smokers who quit are surprised by the additional cash they have and some find that they can even buy a new vehicle or move to a bigger house using their new found savings!

Calculate The Financial Cost of Your Smoking! *

Number of years you smoked:

Average number of cigarettes you smoked each day:

Average price for a pack of cigarettes in your area (calculated in dollars)

In addition to the monetary strain placed on a smoker, smoking has become a very anti-social habit. The smell of smoke from your clothes and breath is disgusting to most non-smokers and the tar stains on your teeth can be physically repulsive.

Problems Quitting

In 2001, after more than two decades of research by more than 50 scientists, the Surgeon General of The USA, C. Everett Koop released a 618 page report indicating that tobacco was as addictive as cocaine and heroin and should be treated with the same caution as illegal street narcotics!

Surgeon General spoke out about smokingOf course the tobacco industry hit back telling Mr Koop that his claims that smokers were addicts "defied logic". Even a US Senator commented that The Surgeon General had "mistaken the enemy" and "directed friendly-fire at US farmers and businessmen".

Mr Koop's response was unapologetic and direct, "I have not mistaken the enemy. My enemy kills 350,000 people a year!"

Anyone who smokes does not need the Surgeon General, or anyone else, telling them how addictive smoking can be. It has been stated that it is easier to quit heroine than cigarettes.

Many ex-heroin users have reported that it was harder to break their nicotine action that it was to kick their drug habit!

Even though cigarettes are becoming more anti-social the problem still exists that smoking is a socially acceptable habit - even if it is seen as distasteful. In addition smoking is legal and therefore tobacco products are easier to acquire than illegal drugs.

The fact that smoking has not yet become as abhorrent as illegal "A" Class drugs, and due to the fact that smoking products are very easy to obtain, and affordable, makes breaking the habit extremely difficult.

In addition, over the years you have built up multiple associations with smoking. For example, you may have a cigarette when you awaken in the morning and before you retire at night. You may take a puff after a meal or when you take a break at work.

There are hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of different actions that you may associate with smoking. Therefore, in order to permanently quit a smoking addiction, you must not just break one habit but many!

Breaking the Habit

75% of people who successfully quit smoking for long enough to eliminate the nicotine addiction relapse - most users do not even get that far. This is the same percentage as hard-drug users!

Tar stained teethIf you have ever tried to quit then you know just how hard it can be; you are not just fighting against the chemical addiction your brain and body has developed for nicotine but are also trying to fight constant urges to smoke because your mind and body has been conditioned to smoke in hundreds of situations.

You have developed automatic behaviours that create reminders of smoking and a strong (sometimes uncontrollable) desire to smoke. When this is added to the physical addiction to nicotine stopping smoking becomes something that requires more than mere will-power!

Smoking has not just become a chemical addiction for you it has become an integral part of your life through mental and physical conditioning. In order to break the habit you need to break your previous conditioning!

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Subonscious Conditioning

Smoking has become a subconscious program that is attached to many different activities in your life. Using will-power to break the habit of smoking usually fails because it requires extreme amounts of effort and energy which are hard to sustain for long.

Tar stained teethI am sure you have heard of people who have not smoked for years commenting that every now and then they feel like having a smoke! This is a classic example of conditioning!

When a person who has eliminated their chemical addiction to nicotine finds themselves in a situation that triggers their subconscious programming to smoke the person immediately gets the urge to have a smoke!

You could spend a lifetime trying to break every subconscious smoking association you have. Or, you could simply eliminate the "master" subconscious program and never desire to smoke again!

Hypnosis Reviews

When we began looking for hypnosis products for smoking cessation we wanted to ensure the products we tested followed a few strict guidelines.

We knew that the best hypnotic sessions would be those that eliminated the "master" subconscious program that drives the desire to smoke. In order to successfully quit smoking you have to start thinking like a non-smoker. Once this happens there is no desire to smoke and thus the need for tremendous amounts of will-power is eliminated.

As many smokers, who quit, have to avoid situations and people that may lead them to smoke again it was important that the hypnosis programs we choose would in no way infringe on the everyday life of the listener - we wanted to ensure the hypnosis made it easy to stay in situations where smoking feels normal and natural yet remain smoke-free!

It was equally important to us that the hypnosis addressed the problem of addiction transferral - when you substitute smoking with something else like eating, chewing gum etc.

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy

After trying several different products, with different approaches, we found that one in particular kept creating spectacular results - HappyQuit.

Hypnosis can help you stop smokingAlthough this product has a silly name (in our opinion), and the website promoting it could be a bit sharper, the thing that really matters is the results the product produces.

The HappyQuit hypnosis program was by far the best program we tested. It ticked all the boxes and produced results for everyone who listened to it. The fact that it covers not just the removal of the addiction but ensures you do not substitute it with anything else is something many of the other programs failed to do!

The hypnosis session is designed to change your subconscious programming, and the internal associations you have to tobacco, at a very deep level of mind in order to remove the desire to smoke.

What we really enjoyed was the fact that there was no pressure to quit smoking at a given time. No resolutions to make or days when you have to stop! You simply keep smoking until the desire to smoke leaves you - and it does!

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy


There are several good hypnosis products available to help you stop smoking. However, not all of them cover every area of this addiction and the habits associated with it. This is why many people succeed with hypnosis initially and then return to smoking several months later.

The HappyQuit hypnotherapy program however actually removes the "master" program i.e. it removes the desire to smoke and leaves you feeling like a non-smoker.

After following the hypnotic programming many of our reviewers commented that they felt they did not know what all the fuss was about because stopping smoking was so easy. This was a complete turn-around for one reviewer as he had tried to quit over 15 times previously using different methods (he is still smoke-free 7 months after completing the HappyQuit program - as are all of the participants).

This Stop Smoking hypnotherapy session, HappyQuit, is very good value for money. Although there are cheaper alternatives on the market we did not find any that offer the same guarantee or results.

We don't know about you but to us it always feels as though you are getting a bad deal when you have to pay more for a product that has similar, cheaper competitors. However, we know from experience that when it comes to information or personal development products (such as hypnosis sessions) you are really paying for the quality. In the past 7 months the money saved by our reviewers, from not buying cigarettes, amounts to thousands of dollars - a saving they would not have made using an inferior product!

The hypnosis program is only available as an MP3 download which means those of you who prefer CDs (so it feels like you are actually getting something for your money) may feel disappointed. However, being available as an MP3 download means you can get the hypnosis session instantly and after all because it works you'll never need it again anyway - so why need a CD?

When you download the MP3 you also get several extras with your purchase, namely information products in the form of pdf files - some of which are quite good. In addition you have a full 60 days to test the program as it comes with a no-quibble money-back guarantee.

If you are finally ready to quit smoking for good then this product is definitely for you.


Hypnosis to Stop Smoking



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