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Are You Plagued by a Phobia?
Would You Like to Remove Your Fear Forever?
Hypnosis Can Help!


"Phobia" originates from the ancient Greek word phóbos meaning morbid fear. This certainly illustrates the effects a phobia has on the human psyche. However, phobias are not just limited to causing mental anguish they also have very real physiological effects on the body. Sweating, palpitations, panic attacks and paralysis are just a few of the symptoms that often grip people when they are confronted with their worst fears!

The Top 10 Phobias
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Phobia Hypnosis List

Although phobias usually arise due to one or more events that take place in a person's life, it is the way the person perceives these events that actually "cement" the phobia into place.

It is due to a feeling of being in danger and the assumption that the current set of events are going to lead to physical harm or even death that creates the phobic response.

Almost all specific phobias have their origins in a specific event that occurred in the sufferer's life - usually in childhood!

Phobias are a conditioned (learned) behaviour that can become reinforced over time. What many people do not realize is that because a phobia is a learned behaviour, like any behaviour that has been learned, it can be changed.


Phobias create measurable feelings of fearThere are sever cases of phobic responses that lead people to do things they would not normally; physically lashing out at others, fainting, running in terror, screaming etc. Although these reactions are rare anyone who has a phobia realizes that reactions often prevent them from accomplishing the things that they could normally accomplish.

People without phobias rarely understand how powerful the effects of them can be. In fact, even people with common phobias, such as arachnophobia (fear of spiders), seldom understand how another person has developed a fear of balloons. However, the symptoms are the same and both are almost always irrational.

Without the empathy and understanding of others it can, therefore, be embarrassing to admit to a phobia and seek help to eliminate it.

Some people mistakenly believe that phobias can be overcome through will-power. This is a major misconception as a phobia has its root in the subconscious mind. Therefore any attempt to use your conscious reasoning mind will have little effect on the phobia and can often make the symptoms worse; as you consciously focus on overcoming the phobia you create mental pictures of the feared event or thing and trigger a greater emotional response from the subconscious mind!

The Effects of Phobias

Because many people realize that there phobias are irrational and no real harm will come to them they try desperately to overcome their fears through sheer force of "will".

As we have already discovered will-power alone is not enough to overcome a phobia because the responses caused by phobias are not conscious in nature but subconscious.

Phobias create changes in the bodyApart from the fear itself phobias can have some very damaging, and even devastating, effects on the lives of sufferers.

The feeling of having no control over your own physical and mental responses can sometimes lead to feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem and even depression.

The effects on the body are equally negative. When you feel fear adrenaline and other chemicals are pumped into the body in high doses so that you can either fight for your survival or run.

However, in the case of a phobia very often neither of these two options is appropriate or possible. The chemicals that have been released into your bloodstream therefore have no outlet and eventually start to damage your physical health!

Depending on your phobia it is also a real possibility that you will not be able to achieve your aims in life. The most common example of this would be a person who deeply wishes to travel and see the world yet suffers from Aviophobia (the fear of flying).

However, phobias can also detrimental to your success and social life. A person who has a fear of public speaking may not be able to pursue a career in politics. A person who fears bridges may have to turn down a promotion or job offer that would mean travelling over a bridge. There have even been cases of people with public restroom phobias who had to leave their careers due to the toilet facilities in their buildings!

Although the above examples are rare you will know only too well how negative the effects of a phobia are on your life!

Phobia Hypnosis List

Your Emotions are the Key

As we mentioned earlier a phobia is usually the result of some childhood event that conditioned your mind and body to fear a certain thing or situation. This is a learned behaviour. You were not born with a phobia!

The good news is that if you have learned phobic behaviours you can un-learn them!

The key to doing this is to control your emotional responses to the outer (or inner) stimuli that causes you to respond with fear. Of course doing this consciously takes a great deal of work and seldom produces any real results. So how do you do it?

To control your automatic emotional responses you need to change your automatic behaviour and this can only be achieved by accessing and changing that part of your mind that is responsible for regulating such behaviours - your subconscious!

Accessing The Subconscious Mind

The most powerful bio-computer in the world - the human brainBillions of dollars are spent every year in the Public Sector by the government, the military, and other official organisations in an attempt to build faster computers. Huge multi-billion dollar private corporations such as Microsoft and Google spend unbelievable huge sums of money developing better algorithms and software programs that are capable of making intelligent decisions with shorter processing times.

Did you know that if all the computers on the planet were linked together and set to perform a task this one huge super-computer could not even get close to the processing power of your brain?

You have access to the fastest, smartest and most highly advanced computer the world will ever know. It's time you learned how to use it!

Like a computer your subconscious mind runs on programs. It has a program for all its functions and all your automatic behaviours. Your phobia is just a subconscious program that needs changed.

Through hypnosis you can gain instant access to the subconscious mind and begin reprogramming it.

These programs are not the mathematical equations written for computers but are your emotions. By changing how you feel about things you change how you think about them and then everything changes for you!

When you remove the negative emotional responses to the things that cause you fear and replace them with positive emotions you no longer have a phobia! All of this can be done by simply listening to a professionally produced CD or MP3.

Phobia Hypnosis List

Hypnotic Phobia Re-Programming

When choosing hypnotic titles to test, for phobia cures, we wanted to find a manufacturer who offered the widest possible range of phobias and also followed some strict hypnotic procedures. It is important that a hypnosis program does not just focus on removing the fears that cause a phobia but that it also replaces those fears with positive feelings and a sense of confidence and inner calm.

Reprogram your mind to release fearsWe found many hypnosis products on the market that offer phobia cures. After testing and re-testing many different titles we believe we have found the best hypnosis programs for dealing with phobias.

A wide range of hypnotic MP3 downloads are available from instant hypnosis.com. We found their phobia cures to be the most beneficial of all the hypnosis manufacturers we tried.

With a list that includes 31 individual and specific phobia tracks and an additional track to Release Any Fear (should your phobia not be listed) there is a title to suit everyone's needs.

There were several things that set these hypnotic sessions apart from the others we tested and the fact that each session is instantly downloadable is an extra bonus.

Each session last approximately an hour. This can mean a bit of time commitment from you as the sessions should be listened to at least three times a week for a month. If you can manage to devote 60 minutes every day to your hypnosis then you will see much faster results and gain the added benefit from reduced stress levels.

Although there are other hypnosis programs you can get that have shorter trance sequences "instant hypnosis" have used their 60 minute hypnosis time very efficiently. No time is wasted with unnecessary trance inductions or spaces between your post hypnotic suggestions. Every minute counts in these sessions.

It was no surprise that the titles that addressed specific phobias produced faster results than the "Release Any Fear" session but we found this session to be invaluable as one of our reviewers used it successful on two phobias she had and another reviewer used it for an unusual phobia that we couldn't find a hypnosis product for - the fear of coins!

Phobia Hypnosis List


The hypnosis titles offered by "instant hypnosis" are effective, fast working and offer great value for money. For the price of a few beers you can easily and quickly remove any phobia that has been plaguing you, even if you've had it for decades.

Each recording is offered with a 90 day money-back guarantee. No questions are asked if you request a refund and refunds are prompt (we only asked for one refund to test their customer service and ensure the guarantee was bone fide).

If you have a phobia or fear that you wish to eliminate for good then these recordings offer the fastest and most effective way to do it!

Phobia Hypnosis List

Hypnosis to Remove Phobias



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