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Would You be Interested in Hypnosis Programs
That Use 3 Cutting-edge Mind Technologies
To Guarantee Your Success?

Bradley Thompson

Bradley ThompsonPlus Kits are the latest brain-child of Bradley Thompson - the man behind "Lucid Dreaming in 7 Days" and one of the world's leading experts on subliminal messages.

Thompson is an expert in self improvement and a number 1 best-selling self-development author. His unique products have been used by AT&T, the US Army, IBM, FedEx, the British Broadcasting Corproation (BBC), British Telecom, UPS, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Network Solutions, Sun, Deloitte & Touche, Dow Jones, Merrill Lynch, the Discovery Channel, Time Warner, Nationwide Insurance, Xerox, Intel, KPMG, and Microsoft. You can learn more about his other innovative products through his personal website Self Help Street.

Plus Kits

Although Plus Kits are hypnosis programs they have been designed to go beyond the normal approach offered by many other hypnotic competitors.

Bradley ThompsonAs well as using hypnosis the programs offered combine another two technologies in an attempt to ensure maximum exposure, of the mind-altering post-hypnotic suggestions on the recordings, to the subconscious mind.

As well as standard hypnosis each of the Plus Kit recordings combine Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) and binaural beats so that the changes you require are embedded into your mind fast, effectively and permanent.

In addition to the main hypnosis session, each Plus Kit CD has a 5 minute mini-session designed to be played while you do other things. If you put this session on loop as you work, do the housework or are engaged in any normal activity it can reinforce the post hypnotic suggestions you received in the main session!

Plus Kits

The Technologies

The technologies in Plus Kits are three fold. The main aim of the sessions is to create the changes you desire as quickly as possible with the least amount of resistance from your conscious mind.

In order to achieve the results you desire Bradley Thompson has incorporated NLP and binaural beats into the hypnosis sessions and called the technology Plus Kits.


Hypnosis is one of the most popular tools for self improvement. It has been shown to be one of the fastest ways to gain access to the powerful subconscious mind to create internal changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Plus Kits unique technologyNLP is still a relatively new mind science although it was very heavily influenced by the work of the late, great Milton Erikson who pioneered many modern hypnosis techniques.

NLP, at its most basic, is a way of changing your internal and external associations. Through the use of stories, imagery and the clever manipulation of words it is possible to alter how you think, feel and behave. You can also "anchor" specific thoughts, emotional responses and even behaviours to specific words, sounds or physical gestures.

For example you can be given the ability to immediately feel happy, or confident, or self-assured (or any number of other emotions) just by pressing your finger against your thumb - once those feelings have been "anchored" to that physical action!

Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats form the backbone of an auditory technology that can literally change your brainwaves. By using two slightly different tones, which are independently sent to the left and right ear, it is possible to take advantage of a naturally occurring phenomenon in the brain. When the brain mixes these two tones together it hears them as just one tone with a very specific frequency.

Depending on how the binaural tones have been recorded they can create amazing states of mind and body from increased creativity to deep relaxation and even lucid visualization.

Using binaural beats to create brainwaves that are conducive to accelerated learning and that enable fast access to the subconscious mind Thompson has ensured that the post hypnotic suggestions and NLP techniques used in his Plus Kit recordings reach, influence and change your subconscious programming!

Plus Kits

The Recordings

Plus Kits are available on CD or MP3Unfortunately there are only 6 Plus Kit recordings available at this time. This is a shame as there are many different hypnotic applications for this type of cutting-edge technology.

We have tested many different hypnosis suppliers over the years and we know of at least one supplier who offers hundreds of different hypnosis sessions from creating psychic powers to growing taller. Unfortunately though, none of them work!

Imagine the possibilities if those recordings were available as Plus Kits!

We would be delighted if Bradley Thompson would expand the range of Plus Kits but, as far as we know, he has no plans to do so as he offers many other products on his own site, Self Help Street, which he believes covers all your self-improvement needs.

The Titles

The following Plus Kits are available in CD format and also in MP3 format for instant access and for a reduced price!

  • Intelligence + - A hypnotic aid to increase your IQ.

  • Love + - Attract your perfect mate.

  • Weight Loss + - Create your ideal shape.

  • Health + - Boost your immune system & achieve better health.

  • Confidence + - Increase your self-confidence & boost your self-esteem.

  • The Zone + - Achieve peak performance.

  • Conclusion

    Although the Plus Kits collection is small the sessions offered are highly effective. With the combination of three mind technologies personal change becomes almost effortless.

    We would like to see more titles developed using this technology as not everyone will find what they are looking for amongst the Plus Kits collection.

    However, if you are interested in trying one or more of these unique recordings then you can be confident in your purchase as each CD or MP3 download comes with a full 90 day no-questions asked money-back guarantee.

    Should you feel that your particular problem or goal is not covered in the Plus Kits collection then be sure to visit Thompson's personal website Self Help Street as all products offered there come with the same guarantee. Although we have no tested all the products in this range we have tested many and have never been disappointed.

    Plus Kits

    Plus Kits



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