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Do You Suffer From Constant Bad Health?
Are You Plagued by Ailments?

Some manufacturers claim their products can be used to create perfect health.
But can they really?

Ill Health

Being sick al teh time brings you downEveryone wants to enjoy good health. Many people strive to keep fit, eat well and maintain balance in their life yet they, like the rest of us, still fall victim to illness now and then regardless of what measures they take to prevent it.

However, for some people sickness is not just something they have to suffer every now and then, it is a constant companion from which they cannot escape.

If you are such a person, or you just wish to avoid getting sick, you may be interested to know that there are hypnosis products which claim to be able to tap the power of your mind to maintain perfect health in your body.

But do they really work?

We intended to find out!

The Hypnotic Solution

Today, doctors are increasingly citing stress as a major contributing factor to most illnesses. It is well known that hypnosis is one of the most effective tools available for reducing stress levels in the body and the mind. Therefore achieving better health through hypnosis seems reasonable when much ill health is created due to stress.

However, we also wanted to know if hypnosis could create better health in areas where stress was not responsible for illness or bad health.

If hypnosis is really capable of creating perfect health in the body then it would need to have the ability to alter how the body works and also address the root causes of illness before they take hold.

As there are many alternative medical practitioners that claim illness is a product of negative emotional thinking (and a lot of research that lends support to this view) then, it is argued, hypnosis could easily create better health because it is such a dynamic and successful tool for dealing with emotional issues.

Releasing unhealthy emotions through hypnosis, so they don't build-up in your unconscious and adversely affect your physiology, is believed to have major benefits for the health of the body. In addition to this the reduction in stress, or even the elimination of it, thus allowing the mind and body to function with optimum effectiveness, seems to make hypnosis the perfect choice for healing when conventional treatments have failed.

Perfect Health

The Reviews

When we decided to test hypnosis products, designed to help you achieve perfect health, we had some tough guidelines for each product to follow.

Stress & suppressed emotions cause ill healthObviously we wanted to find a hypnosis product that was able to reduce stress because this is a major contributor to ill health in the 21st Century. As this is one of the main benefits of any hypnosis program we knew we wouldn't have a problem in this area.

We also wanted to ensure that the hypnosis session would be able to address any imbalances in the mind and body.

As it is believed in many self improvement teachings that negative emotions, which have been suppressed in the subconscious mind, are responsible for many cases of ill health, we felt it was important that these imbalances were addressed in any program we tried.

We also felt it would be beneficial if the hypnosis guided the subconscious mind to create changes in the body that would lead to better health. Although it is a contentious issue as to whether hypnosis (or any mind tool) is capable of creating physical changes in the body, modern research into the effects of using hypnosis to boost the immune system seem to indicate that it is indeed capable of creating real, measurable physical changes in the body.

Therefore, in our opinion, any hypnosis program that could create perfect health should include techniques to command the subconscious mind to change the internal workings of the body.

Perfect Health

Alternative Health Disclaimers

Change how your body works through hypnosisThe field of hypnotherapy, and indeed the alternative health industry as a whole, is a filled with misinformation and bogus claims. For this reason each supplier of alternative healing products is required by law to supply customers with a disclaimer.

A disclaimer is simply a statement that the product or service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Extensive scientific testing and government recommendation is needed before any claims of health benefits can be made and such long-term studies are both costly and largely blocked by the mega rich drug companies.

Of course this has its benefits as it protects people from the fraudulent claims made by many unscrupulous and unsavoury characters only interested in a profit margin. However, sometimes really good products are not given proper recognition as a great many people view a disclaimer as an admission that the product does not work (which is often not the case).

Having said that however, discretion is always advised and seeking professional medical advice is a must for anyone suffering from ill health!

An example of such a disclaimer is included below.

typical disclaimer
Figure 1. Typical Legal Disclaimer

Perfect Health Hypnosis

After testing a good many hypnosis products we were disappointed that we could not find a really good hypnotherapy session that delved into the repressed emotional issues believed by many in the self improvement arena to be responsible for ill health.

However, that does not mean we did not have some success!

We tested several hypnosis titles before finding the best oneWe got good results from a hypnosis session titled "Perfect Health". Although it does not delve into repressed emotions or negative memories it does address the imbalances in mind and body which often are the result of such emotional instability in the subconscious mind.

As well as the usual stress-relieving hypnotic induction techniques this session also strongly focuses on removing the mental and physical stresses caused by everyday worries and concerns.

There is no question that reducing stress has a beneficial effect on the mind and body and therefore the approach offered by "Perfect Health" is surely a good way to achieve better health.

In addition to removing stress and worries, and the strains they cause on the mind and body, this hypnosis track is also designed to access the subconscious programming that is responsible for the maintenance of your body.

Post hypnotic suggestions are used to instruct your subconscious mind to release your body's natural healing aids and trigger its internal healing mechanisms by instructing every organ, muscle, tissue and indeed every cell in your body to heal itself.

Perfect Health


Although the hypnotherapy session we have chosen does not directly address the release of suppressed negative emotions as we would have liked it to do, it does direct the subconscious mind to correct any imbalances in the mind and body. This may not be a direct approach but sustained use of the hypnosis session should ensure the release of any suppressed emotions anyway as these are major contributing factors for imbalances in the system.

The heavy emphasis placed on stress reduction is not just beneficial to your physical well-being it also leaves you feeling energized and "light" after each listening. When even the smallest amount of stress is removed it can feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

The suggestions given on the hypnosis track are also designed to direct your subconscious mind to alter how your body works. By using the trance session to impress upon your subconscious mind the importance of self-healing the hypnosis aims to help you heal quicker and build cells within the body that are stronger and more resilient to diseases and illness.

As with all hypnosis programs this session should be listened to at least three times a week over a 30 day period. When it comes to health related products we strongly recommend that you listen to your chosen session every day over a 30 day period and then a few times a week for at least another 30 days to ensure the results you get are permanent.

Although such commitment may seem time-consuming the results you receive will be well worth the effort.

The "Perfect Health" hypnosis track is available as a CD or, for half the price, you can get it as an MP3 download. We recommend you just get the download as the CD comes in standard packaging and is not worth the extra cost. In addition to the savings you also get access to the MP3 immediately and can download it directly onto your computer (MP3 player included free).

The hypnosis session also comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee should you be displeased with your purchase. All-in-all this is a top rated product in our view.

Perfect Health

Hypnosis to achieve Perfect Health



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