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How to Lose Weight Fast

Weight-loss Products are Big Business - But Most of Them Don't Work!
So Can a Weight Loss Hypnotherapy CD Really Guarantee You
The Weight-loss Results You Want?

ABC News
Proves the power of hypnosis for weight loss
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How To Lose Weight Fast

With weight issues and obesity reaching critical levels in the USA, and in fact across the Western World, scientists, dieticians and even clever marketers have sought to cash-in on the billion-dollar weight-loss industry by providing an effective way to help people reach their ideal weight by showing them how to lose weight fast and permanently.

Unfortunately, because the diet industry is such a huge monetary concern it attracts many unscrupulous marketers and with a lack of firm Government guidelines on product development and weight-loss marketing tactics it leaves unwitting consumers open to an array of false information and, sometimes, even dangerous suggestions!

Many weight-loss programs and diets exist that have very little empirical evidence to support their claims.

In fact many diets will cause just as many experts to claim that they are dangerous to a person's general health as they have experts who make claims that they are the miracle cure for obesity. So be careful which one you chose to use!

Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss

Due to the concerns over health issues and the unregulated nature of the weight loss industry many weight loss experts believe that hypnosis is the only real safe option for reaching your optimal weight (while working unsupervised without the aid of a professional trainer or dietician).

Due to the fact that hypnosis tackles the internal mental, emotional and physical issues a person has in relation to food, as well as addressing the eating and exercise habits of the person wishing to lose weight, it becomes the perfect weight loss coach. Because it does not just fight the symptoms but targets the core issues related to weight gain and helps a person overcome problems with achieving the perfect weight and/or the inability to maintain their perfect weight hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool for losing weight fast.

Although hypnosis is a fantastic tool for internal changes in attitude, thoughts, feelings and behaviours it is only effective when it is performed by someone who has extensive training in its use. Of course a professionally produced self hypnosis audio recording can be just as effective when it is produced with sue care and diligence.

Hypnosis can be a major aid in any weight-loss program and has been shown to produce some amazing results very fast. However, on its own weight loss hypnosis is not a "magic pill". It become really powerful when it is combined with a physical weight loss regime or diet and exercise program.

There have been several scientific studies into the use of hypnosis as a tool for losing weight.

For example, Bolocofsky, Spinler and Coulthard-Morris conducted a study of the effects of hypnosis for weight loss in 1985.

The study demonstrated that when hypnosis is combined with a behavioural program designed to change eating patterns, it contributed significantly to weight loss.

This means if you make the decision to change your eating habits and use hypnosis to embed that new behaviour into your subconscious mind, so that the behaviour becomes automatic, you will have a much better chance of losing excess weight!

Hypnosis will not force your subconscious mind to automatically burn fat while you eat what you want! It will, however, help you to change your eating and exercise behaviours easily.

Thus through hypnosis you can train your mind and body to want to engage in metabolic rate rising natural exercises (like walking) and to also make eating healthily and with smaller portions desirable to you!

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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

The key then to successfully using hypnosis to help you attain a better shape and shed your excess fat is to use it as a behavioural manipulator not as a "magic pill".

By using hypnosis to change your eating and exercise habits, and also your relationship to food, you can shed extra pounds without the major discomfort of a diet while also avoiding the harmful physical effects of starving yourself.

Through the use of hypnosis you also ensure that these new habits are automatic and thus feel in no way forced or chore-like - you actually want to eat in a healthy way and exercise more!

Using Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

So, does hypnotherapy work for weight loss?

Well, there is an abundance of hypnosis CDs available designed to help you lose weight. Unfortunately though, most of them are useless!

We have listened to self-hypnosis recordings that use post hypnotic suggestions that are designed to get your body to burn fat without you doing anything - these suggestions are complete nonsense and worthless! They have no effect on your body unless you are actively trying to raise your metabolic rate through physical exercise.

Many sessions also fail to help the listener develop strong, positive self-esteem which is critical to any weight-loss program in our opinion. With a poor self-image no amount of dieting will work - think of anorexics! With a poor self-image you could look fabulous but all you see in the mirror is a fat person.

Therefore, in order to find a hypnotherapy product that was truly capable of helping you to lose weight permanently it had to do several things:

Reprogram your mind with new eating behaviours.

2. Change your relationship to food so you no longer succumb to binge/emotional eating.

3. Reinforce a positive self-image to avoid the negative use of dieting.

4. Help you to naturally raise your metabolic rate by subconsciously reinforcing the
    effects of some physical activity.

5. Ensure the new behavioural patterns become permanent!

Science has shown that mental patterns and physical behaviours are usually created or broken in about 30 days. Although hypnosis makes the process of breaking mental and physical habits and also forming new behaviours much easier than merely using will-power it is still subject to the same laws of the mind and brain.

This means that to be successful with any hypnotic product you should be prepared to use it for approximately one month.

Although many people experience immediate benefit from using high quality hypnosis recordings you must dedicate some time to the continued use of the product, for at least a few weeks, if you wish to ensure the results you have achieved remain with you.

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How Can I Lose Weight Fast?

The best product we found for losing weight was 12 week hypnosis course by Victoria Gallagher from HypTalk.

Victoria is a certified hypnotherospist having graduated at The American Academy of Hypnosis in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has an extensive range of hypnotic titles available from her how to lose weight fast - Hyptalk website which was formely known as Hypnotherapy of Nevada and established in 1999.

Her Ultimate Weight Loss Power Pack is not a quick fix solution for your weight issues but is a professionally produced weight loss hypnosis program that that follows all five of the guidelines we set out above.

The course does take some commitment as each of the hypnosis recordings have been divided into twelve sessions one of which needs to be listened to everyday.

Week 1
In the first week of the hypnotic course you are given the foundations for your new weight loss regime. As well as setting a weight-loss target for yourself you are also expertly guided to remove many of your self-imposed limiting beliefs surrounding your ability to create and maintain a healthy, fit and non-fat body.

Week 2
In the second part of the course you learn how to identify your body's own natural signals. If you are hungry your body lets you know! When you are full your body lets you know!

Learning how to distinguish between a desire to eat because you are hungry and a desire to eat due to emotional issues or just habit is a major step towards weight loss. Many people are completely unaware that they are eating in order to suppress their feelings or just because they have conditioned themselves to eat more!

When you also use hypnosis to overcome these emotional urges to eat you will ensure that your daily intake of food is greatly reduced.

Week 3
Next Victoria uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to change your mental patterns and behaviours. NLP is a highly effective and scientifically proven set of techniques designed to create immediate behavioural changes.

When used in conjunction with hypnosis NLP ensures that behavioural change is fast ad permanent.

Week 4
Using hypnotic sessions to guide your memory back to the initial root cause of your over-eating Victoria then eliminates this cause leaving you free from emotional eating.

Week 5
In week five you are mentally conditioned to drink plenty of water. Water is a great aid in weight loss because it fills you up. When you drink water it tends to reduce hunger pangs. It also has a great many health benefits and washes away toxins from the body.

Week 6
In these sessions you are conditioned to incorporate light, natural exercise into your daily routine in order to increase your metabolism and lose weight faster.

Week 7
At this point in the course you are conditioned to start eating in a more healthy way.

Week 8
Week 7 is designed to help you raise your metabolic rate by gaining direct access to your subconscious mind and changing the blueprint it holds for your body. Although, as we mentioned earlier, may other hypnotic CDs try this approach it actually works in this course because you have already been conditioned to take more exercise!

Therefore the hypnotic suggestions offered to you during this week will help you get more out of your exercise regime and thus burn fat faster!

Week 9
As you move closer to the end of the hypnotic weight loss course you will use the Swish technique to ensure the new behaviours you have been learning become permanent.

Week 10
Now it's time to use the power of your subconscious mind to help you burn more fat. Through powerful hypnotic suggestions you can command your subconscious mind to burn more of the stored fat in your body.

However, it should be noted that this only works if you have completely the previous sessions in the course and are actively changing your eating habits and exercising more!

Week 11
This week deals with the very important issue of self-image!

By ensuring you have a positive self-image and a healthy respect for your body you will ensure you stay physically healthy and do not abuse your new ability to lose weight!

Week 12
Week 12 finishes your course. You should already be seeing major results from the work you have preciously done.

You are given suggestions that reinforce your new behaviours and keep you motivated to maintain a healthy fit body.

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Using hypnosis as a quick-fix solution for your weight problems will not work! However, using it as a tool to help you lose weight could well be the difference between success and failure.

However, if you truly and honestly make the decision to lose weight, and develop a healthy body, then hypnosis is most definitely a way to make the necessary changes easy, fast and permanent.

As far as The Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis program goes we have found none that are better. As this is a 12 week hypnotic course that covers all aspects of weight-loss it is not the cheapest option out there. Although you can get cheaper one-session alternatives they give you mediocre results at best.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis program is a behavioural-change system designed to help you achieve your ideal weight and make that change permanent. Because it changes your behaviour and attitude to food and exercise, at the subconscious level, once you finish the course it just feels natural for you to maintain your new healthy outlook and behaviours to eating and exercise!

How to lose weight fast - the truth is simple: you can achieve weight loss through hypnotherapy and the Ultimate Weight Loss Power Pack course is one of the best weight loss programs we have ever tried!

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