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Do You Catch Every Virus Going Round?
Do You Constantly Feel Tired & Run-Down?
Have You Tried Boosting Your Immune System?

Sick of Being Sick?

Disease occurs when the immune system failsIn our modern society with its strong emphasis on hygiene, sanitation and better health care the human race is slowly losing its ability to naturally ward off disease. Although these advancements in civilization are desirable and offer many benefits, such as better health conditions, a better standard of living and a longer life-span, they do have one draw-back - they have left us much more open to disease.

There are many people who only have to hear a sneeze to catch a cold! Every virus that is doing the rounds seems to end up affecting them!

Although such people, of which you may be one, are often viewed by others as hypochondriacs and given no special attention the truth is that the cause of their constant illness may lie in the fact that their immune system is weak.

Let's face it is extremely difficult to function productively and feel energized and happy when your body is using up most of its resources fighting infections all the time. This has the knock-on effect of dampening your spirits which makes it even harder for your body to fight the infections.

When your immune system is weak so are you!

The Immune System

The body's natural defensive mechanism is a dynamic system composed of a variety of different cell types all dependant on one and other in their quest to keep the body healthy and free from foreign agents. It is the job of these cells to protect the body from attacks by bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. It is also the responsibility of the immune system to maintain healthy cells by attacking and killing unhealthy or cancerous cells that may lead to tumorous growths or other health problems.

The immune system therefore plays a vital role in the health of an individual by eliminating harmful organisms and substances that invade the body. Cells of the immune system engulf the invader or unhealthy cell, attack it and kill it before it can cause any damage to the body or spread any further.

Your immune system is your body's last defence against disease and illness!

Therefore, when your immune system is weak you will be more susceptible to attacks from viruses, bacteria, fungi and a host of other outside influences and will even be open to the spread of unhealthy cells within your own body that include cancer.

On the opposite side of the coin, when the immune system over-reacts it is also possible to become ill as substances and healthy tissue cells are mistaken as the enemy and attacked by the immune system (autoimmune diseases).

Although not all illness are caused by a failure of the immune system boosting the immune system is a great way to stay healthy and free from most common illness while also avoiding autoimmune diseases.

Boost Your Immune System

Boosting The Immune System

By recognizing, destroying and removing various types of foreign particles that invade the body, and by eliminating any malignant growths that are detected, the immune system acts as your body's invisible shield against disease.

Immune system killing AnthraxAlthough boosting your immune system can have amazing health benefits if you have recurring illness or constant infection then you should seek professional medical assistance. In fact you should always seek medical assistance when you feel ill!

However, signs of a weak immune system are often easy to spot - if you are constantly catching colds, getting sore throats, experience swelling in your body or are fatigued these can be signs that your immune system is not functioning optimally.

Although the immune system is highly complex and well organised, it can be easily impaired very quickly by a variety of simple causes.

Stress, for example, can greatly reduce the immune system's functioning and leave you open to a multitude of illnesses and the possible onset of many different allergies.

However, when the immune system is functioning at its optimum level you are much less likely to contract a disease or fall ill as the cells designed to attack harmful influences in the body go about their daily work.

How Hypnosis Can Help

Change how your body works through hypnosisThe mind has an extremely powerful influence over the body!

The mind-body connection has been known for a long time and there are countless research studies that prove the effectiveness of positive thoughts on healing and recovery rates.

However, more than mere positive thinking hypnosis works a deep level of mind to regulate internal bodily functions and boost the immune system through positive subconscious programming and the elimination of stress to trigger the body's own natural healing abilities.

In fact hypnosis has proved such a successful tool for healing that scientific researchers are now discovering the benefits of using it to boost the immune system.

Boost Your Immune System

Scientific Evidence

There are a growing number of reports from scientific studies that hypnosis is one of the most powerful ways to alter your immune system.

We tested several hypnosis titles before finding the best oneThe Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology reported the findings of a clinical study into the effects of hypnosis on the immune system conducted at Columbus, Ohio.

Researchers found that hypnosis could actually prevent the weakening of the immune system and that it could even be used to "reset" it after it had already been weakened.

At Washington State University, hypnosis was also tested to see if it could affect the immune system of a group of volunteers.

The researchers found that a group of volunteers who were hypnotized, to specifically boost their immune systems, showed a rapid increase in T-cells and B-cells, two important white blood cell types needed by the immune system to fend off attacks.

Many more similar scientific studies are discussed by P. Neumann in the Australian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 33(2), 140-159.

Boosting Your Immune System Through Hypnosis

We tested several hypnosis titles in order to find one that would successfully help boost the immune system of the listener.

We were impressed by one hypnotic session in particular. This session is not just a relaxation tool designed to reduce stress (which will itself boost your immune system). It is designed to focus directly on "resetting" your immune system so it works at its optimum level.

By directing your subconscious mind to increase the necessary blood cells needed for a healthy and efficient immune system the hypnosis session thus helps your body prepare for defence against any oncoming attack.

Boost Your Immune System HypnosisWith a better functioning immune system you are also much less likely to fall victim to unhealthy cells in your body that can cause tumorous growths and even cancer.

We also like this hypnosis session because it does not just strengthen the immune system - an over-active immune system can be just as damaging as a weak one! An immune system that over-reacts will lead to allergies and other health problems so anything that merely strengthens the immune system runs the risk of creating over-reactions.

The beauty of this hypnosis session is that it is designed, not to strengthen your immune system, but to make it work at its most efficient! Thus you also avoid autoimmune diseases as well as those caused by outside bacteria, fungi, viruses etc.

The session lasts approximately one hour and is offered with a 90 day money-back guarantee.

For the best results we advise listening to the session at least three times a week over a 70 to 90 day period (2½ to 3 months). After that, if you feel the need, you can listen to it occasionally to give a quick boost to your immune system although the results you have already achieved should be permanent.

Boost Your Immune System


We found the hypnotic trance sequence to be very relaxing. It produced a deep state of trance fairly quickly and the hypnotic induction was well scripted and cleverly delivered through the use of hypnotic language and good pacing.

The post hypnotic suggestions were well written and to the point and in such a deep state of trance you can be assured that these hypnotic affirmations are seeping into the subconscious mind.

In many cases when a person embarks on life changes through hypnosis, or any other tool, they often find that the subconscious mind initially rebels against the new programming it is being offered. When this occurs you can often get a short period of time when you experience the opposite result from the one you want. This continues until you either give-up on the hypnosis or stick with it long enough to eliminate the problem altogether and gain the result you want.

We did not find that this was the case with this hypnosis session.

Upon careful review of the suggestions incorporated into the hypnosis it was obvious to us that the emphasis placed on de-stressing and relaxation, while gently convincing the subconscious mind that the new changes being made were beneficial, was the main reason for the lack of subconscious rebellion.

Using this approach meant that the results were slower coming than with other hypnosis sessions related to different topics but the avoidance of subconscious resistance made it worth the wait. This is a major benefit considering this hypnosis track is dealing with health issues!

The session is available as a CD or you can get instant access through an MP3 download (which is considerably cheaper).

It comes with a full money-back guarantee that is valid for 90 days. So if you want to boost your immune system give this hypnotic track a go, you have nothing to lose and we found it extremely beneficial!

Boost Your Immune System

Hypnosis to Boost Your Immune System



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