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Would You Like to Get Your Hands on 18 Hypnosis Sessions
From "The Hypnostist to the Stars"
For The Price of Just 1 Session?

Randy Charach

Randy Charach is probably best known for his stage shows as a mentalist and magician. He has performed for Fortune 500 companies, famous musical artists and Hollywood stars - and he doesn't come cheap!

Although Randy is a world famous entertainer he is also a very accomplished hypnotherapist and much sought-after motivational speaker. He is a self-made multi-millionaire who has become a successful Internet Marketer and even a film producer. In fact he seems to excel at whatever he puts his mind to - something Randy puts down to the power of hypnosis.

Watch Randy Charach
Demonstrate Some of His Amazing Skills
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Randy's Hypnosis Vault

As well as having earned the coveted title "Entertainer to the Stars" Randy is fast becoming known as the "Hypnotist to the Stars"!

So, imagine having instant access to the hypnotherapist used by John Travolta, Tony Curtis, Sean Penn, Jason Lee, Tony Parsons, and Bruce Allen - to name but a few.

The Hypnosis Vault

Randy CharachRandy has created 18 unique hypnosis sessions on a variety of subjects from "Weight Loss" to "Be Psychic". These sessions are professionally produced and utilize the same powerful hypnotic techniques that Randy uses on his world famous clients.

A hypnotherapist with Randy Charach's credentials, experience and high profile clients can charge extremely high prices for his services. The last time we checked he was charging ordinary people $350 an hour!

So, when we first decided to test and review Randy's hypnosis recordings we were expecting them to be quite costly.

Usually when you visit a hypnosis site, offering self hypnosis sessions, you either have to buy the sessions individually or order certain specific collections under special deals. We fully expected to have to do the same thing at Randy's site and, in fact, thought that we would probably have to pay a lot more for his sessions than his competitions.

However, Randy has decided to make an unbelievable offer by giving you all 18 hypnosis sessions for the price of just one through his Hypnosis Vault colection. That's a saving of hundreds of dollars!

Hypnosis Vault

Guaranteed to Work?

30 day money-back guarantee includedWhat's great about this offer, apart from the very low price, is the free shipping you get when you purchase the Hypnosis Vault collection.

Randy's company will deliver your hypnosis sessions anywhere in the world completely free of charge.

You also get a full no-questions-asked money-back guarantee with your purchase.

Should you not enjoy your sessions or not see the results you want simply ask for a refund.

The Sessions

aprosperity hypnosis session from the HYpnosis Vault collectionOn Randy's Hypnosis Vault site his company state that you would normally pay $100 each for his individual hypnosis recordings.

This is a ridiculous statement on our view as there are very few people who would pay that type of price for a single hypnosis recording regardless of who made it!

However, the $39.95 price tag that they currently have is much more reasonable although you can get one-session hypnosis mp3s much cheaper. However, when you consider that you aren't paying for one session but are actually getting 18 the price makes the collection seem a lot more enticing. In fact $39.95 is unbelievably cheap for what you are getting!

The sessions themselves are high quality and professionally produced and what's more they get results.

Hypnosis Vault


Randy Charach is a highly accomplished hypnotherapist who has used all his experience, expertise and knowledge to create great hypnotic recordings that work.

The only drawback to the Hypnosis Vault is that all the sessions are on one CD. Why he doesn't offer them as mp3 downloads we do not know but surely that would be the easier option for both his company and a potential buyer.

However, once you get your CD it is easy to rip it to your computer and then download it onto your iPod or mp3 player. Of course you can always just listen to the CD through a pair of headphones.

There will probably be some sessions that do not apply to you but all-in-all you are getting great value for money. Out of the 18 sessions we used almost all of them. Add to that the fact that you are getting access to the "Hypnotist to the Stars" and for that reason alone it is worth getting this collection because we all know that multi-millionaire celebrities only use the best!

So, if you only use one or two of this hypnosis sessions you are still getting a great deal.

As far as deals go this is the very best we have ever come across for any hypnosis products!

Hypnosis Vault

hypnosis vault collection



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