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Hypnosis Training DVD Review

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Hypnosis Training

In our time reviewing hypnosis products we have tested many different hypnotic training courses. Some courses where good and some of them were extremely bad. Unfortunately even the good ones fall short as almost all hypnosis training courses teach outdated, stale and often ineffective techniques. So, when we got our hands on the "Hypnosis Unwrapped" hypnotic training course on DVD we thought we were in for the same old approach - however we were wrong!

Learning Hypnosis

There are many different reasons for wanting to learn how to hypnotize. You may wish to learn hypnotic skills to improve your life and change your automatic behaviours. You may wish to learn hypnosis techniques to give you the edge when dealing with others, through the use of conversational hypnosis for example, or you may just want to impress your friends with your new skills that allow you to manipulate friends and family members into clucking like chickens.

Regardless of the personal driving force behind your desire to become a skilled hypnotist up to now there was no real way to learn the latest and most advanced techniques unless you were willing to pay thousands of dollars to attend prestigious hypnotic training events (which also often fell short of their intended mark)!

Hypnosis Unwrapped

Now, however, there is a way to get competent training that will teach you the skills you need to perform feats of hypnotic persuasion - either on yourself or others.

hypnosis unwrappedIn a unique DVD presentation entitled "Hypnosis Unwrapped" Mark Tyrell, a founding member of the "Uncommon Knowledge" hypnosis company, expertly guides you through the myriad of hypnotic techniques to help you develop the skills you need to become a competent hypnotist.

The foundation of the hypnosis workshop is a three DVD set which comprises of everything you need to become skilled at the art of hypnosis. You are not just taught techniques but given full explanations of the processes involved in creating an ideal hypnotic trance state.

Armed with this intricate knowledge you will find it much easier to apply what you are learning with the full understanding of why your actions are producing the results you want.

With practical examples used throughout the DVDs you can actually see how the techniques are supposed to work, something you can never get from a book or CD set.

The training itself is extensive! You are taught the latest use of hypnotic language which can be used to not only create deep peaceful states of trance but also to reinforce your suggestions and convey your commands either during trance or in normal conversation.

The added advantage of gaining a thorough knowledge of the subconscious mind and how it functions will mean you can tailor your new hypnotic skills to tackle any problem or create any new life changes you deem desirable.

Unlike may conventional approaches to hypnosis and the use of post hypnotic suggestions Tyrell focuses heavily on the use of your imagination (or that of the hypnotic subject) to create fast, permanent and effective changes. Too often other hypnotic training courses and hypnotists rely solely on the old authoritarian approach to post hypnotic suggestions which frankly do not work on everyone and we aren't the only ones who think so!

Hypnosis Unwrapped

The Bonuses

In addition to the DVD course, which is accompanied by a 70 page workbook, you also get several bonus items.

In your pack comes two pre-recorded hypnosis sessions on CD designed to allow you to experience the state of trance first-hand. These sessions have been created to produce deep trance states while guiding your subconscious mind to make the necessary internal changes which, in turn, create the outer changes you desire.

The first CD actually has four sessions on it which have been cleverly recorded to induce states of extremely deep relaxation.

The second CD is a compilation of two hypnotic inductions but also contains extensive information on how to use hypnosis to create real tangible changes in yourself and anyone else you hypnotize.

You also get a booklet with the full hypnotic script from the first CD with explanations of the language patterns used so you can listen to it to perfect your hypnotic skills even further.

These sessions are professionally produced to a very high quality.

Hypnosis Unwrapped


This is by far the best hypnotic training course that we have ever tried. The fact that it is presented in DVD format makes it a mile ahead of its competitors from the very outset. The ability to watch a skilled hypnotist perform the techniques and actions you are learning and witness first-hand the effects they have is much better than reading about it or hearing it on a CD!

The entire course is very reasonably priced as you are truly getting value for money in addition to expert training - something Uncommon Knowledge are well aware of or they would not offer an unconditional 90 day money-back guarantee at their "Hypnosis Downloads" site (link below)!

Mark Tyrell most definitely knows his stuff and he holds nothing back when it comes to teaching it to you. However, if you want a jazzy, fast-talking, high octane-pace hypnotist then you won't find it in Tyrell. When he speaks sometimes you are just waiting for him to come alive! His slow approach can seem a little boring if you fail to listen to the message he is conveying - unlike the more polished and highly acclaimed Paul McKenna for example.

Unfortunately though if you want to train with McKenna or one of his associates you will have to travel to England and pay thousands of dollars for the privilege. Yes, you will be more entertained while you learn but you won't learn anything that is not included in Tyrell's workshop at a fraction of the cost!

If you are willing to put up with an almost lecture-type approach, to save thousands of dollars, then this is definitely the course for you.

As a final word we can only say this - if you want to learn create trance states in yourself and others, are willing to practise the techniques you learn and are serious about learning hypnosis and becoming a skilled hypnotist then get this course!

Hypnosis Unwrapped









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