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Is it Difficult For You to Find Forgiveness?
Are You Searching For Ways to Forgive Another?
Do You Seek Forgiveness For Yourself or From Yourself?
There is an Easy Way to Forgiveness & The Freedom it Brings!


We all experience times in our lives when we could practise more forgiveness!

ForgivenessThere are two forms of forgiveness - forgiving someone else for an injustice they perpetrated against you or forgiving yourself for something you have done to another person or to yourself.

Both guilt, caused by a failure to forgive yourself, and anger, directed at other people who have hurt you, are destructive emotions that can cause chaos in your life.

Without forgiveness you cannot let go of the destructive patterns that these negative emotions cause. Neither can you get over the past and truly move on with your life.

Although you may be justified in your reactions, anger, resentment and eventually bitterness are the rewards you reap for holding an unforgiving attitude.

Holding on to bitterness, anger, frustration or hatred can cause major problems in your life. What's more it has absolutely no effect on the person who is evoking these feelings from you!

Understanding that you need to forgive is the first step to removing these negative emotions and freeing yourself so that you can heal your life.

The Unforgiving

Finding forgiveness can be a tough thing to do. Sometimes a person's life has been affected so badly that they find it difficult to forgive. Guilt and sorrow can also make it difficult to forgive yourself.

Lack of forgiveness has a negative effect on your lifeIt is a natural reaction to think that giving forgiveness means you are letting the other person "off the hook". Many times we fear that an act of forgiveness would be seen as confirmation to other people that what was done to us wasn't that bad.

Likewise, we often feel that by holding on to feelings of anger, bitterness, resentment etc., it openly shows that what was done to us was a terrible thing that affected us very badly!

Finding forgiveness can also be a problem for many people simply because they do not know what forgiveness really is or how it feels. All too often forgiveness gets confused with reconciliation.

However, it is possible to forgive a person and never see them again. If this were not possible then many people would be imprisoned in a downward spiral of negative emotions if the object of those emotions were no longer in this world! Many times we need to learn to forgive people who have passed away or who we no longer have any contact with.


Because, although forgiving another person helps them to heal also, it is really not about them at all! Forgiveness is a process that you embrace simply because it benefits you!

Forgiveness Hypnosis

Finding Forgiveness

Finding forgiveness frees you from the burden of negative thoughts and feelings. Sustained negativity causes havoc in all areas of your life from your interpersonal relationships to your health and can even affect your finances!

Holding on to past "hurts" is expensive emotionally, mentally and physically. However, forgiveness costs you nothing!

The price of not forgivingForgiveness does not mean you have to openly communicate your feelings with the people who caused you pain. Nor is forgiveness about letting abusive people back into your life! Neither is it an act of condoning what was done to you or what you have done.

Embracing forgiveness merely means releasing the negativity that you have stored-up in yourself. Forgiving others is freeing yourself from them, and what they did to you, once and for all. Forgiving yourself is freedom from "beating yourself up" and disapproving of yourself!

Forgiveness leads to clarity of thought and feeling. Forgiveness leads to peace.


The price of not forgivingHypnosis is a highly effective tool to help you find forgiveness within yourself. Although developing an emotionally healthy and forgiving attitude is possible without the aid of any mind tool it does take significantly longer to acquire such a mindset without one.

The beauty of using hypnosis is that you can make emotional and mental changes very quickly. Rather than trying to consciously force those changes you can make the transition easy, fun and fast through the power of hypnotic trance.

Not only can hypnosis help you find forgiveness the easy way but because it is a tool for reprogramming the subconscious mind it is actually possible to completely erase the connections between past memories and negative feelings.

Of course you will still have the memories of what occurred - forgiving is not forgetting - but you will no longer be plagued by the torrent of negative emotions and thoughts that usually accompany those memories!

The Hypnosis Reviews

We tested several hypnosis products from a variety of different suppliers in an attempt to find one that could successfully help the listener to find forgiveness. We found that not all hypnotherapists take the same approach when it comes to this subject. Some offer better approaches than others.

After testing several titles it soon became apparent to us that the hypnosis session that would be most successful really need to do several things.

Points we felt the hypnosis session should cover:

1. Firstly, it must remove the negative emotional attachment to a person or persons.

2. Secondly, it must also remove negative emotional reactions to memories of events.

3. Thirdly, it must also have the ability to remove negative thoughts & feelings about yourself.

4. Lastly, it had to cultivate feelings of forgiveness and promote a healthy desire to move on.

It wasn't easy to find just one hypnosis session that covered all the points above. Many hypnotherapists cover just one or two of the above points and this is reflected in their self hypnosis recordings.

However, after much trial and error, we did find a hypnosis MP3 recording that covers all the points we set out above.

Forgiveness Hypnosis

Finding Forgiveness Hypnosis MP3

This hypnotic session utilizes the latest techniques in Eriksonian hypnosis to create internal changes through the use of metaphors. Hypnotic commands are embedded into the session in such a way that your conscious mind is completely unaware of what is happening.

Forgiveness HypnosisRather than just guiding you into a state of trance (when you are more suggestible and more easily influenced at a subconscious level) this session does so much more.

Using dissociative induction techniques to separate your connection to your surroundings and remove your mental focus from your current perceived reality you are quickly guided into a deeply relaxed and receptive state. In effect, you quickly enter a very deep level of trance.

Then, rather than just bombard your mind with standard authoritative post hypnotic suggestions, subconscious commands are cleverly weaved into the fabric of a story. This further disassociates your conscious mind but instantly begins to reprogram your powerful subconscious mind!

While you remain unaware of the mind programming taking place, and just become engaged in the story, your subconscious mind is soaking-up the hypnotic suggestions and using them to alter your behaviours and remove your negative emotional and mental responses.

In this way you automatically begin to release the past and cleanse your mind of negative thoughts and feelings while building-up an unshakable belief in a better future.

Through the use of metaphors this hypnotic session automatically evokes strong feelings of forgiveness for other people and yourself. By instructing the subconscious mind to change how you view past hurts, disappointments or injustices the hypnosis MP3 alters your perspective and your attitude at the deepest levels of mind. It frees you from your past!


Forgiveness is an act we do to someone but we do for ourselves!

Forgiveness frees you from the negative thoughts and emotions that surround the memories of a past injustice. This may mean forgiving yourself or others. Whichever form of forgiveness you need to embrace, it can only be achieved by learning to release your negative emotional connection to the past and by letting-go of your resentment, anger and hurt.

Although it is possible to condition yourself into forgiving others and yourself through conscious effort and diligence it is a slow and often emotionally painful exercise. If you wish to heal your life quickly and begin to move forward free of bitterness, resentment, regret or guilt then the fastest way to do it is through hypnosis.

We tested many different hypnotic sessions and found that the best one was an MP3 download. This session uses metaphors to quickly recondition your automatic behaviours and free you from your negative emotional and mental connections to the past.

Of course there are pros and cons to every product. Although this was the best one we found it still has its drawbacks.

On the negative side this hypnosis session is only available as an MP3 download. Although this means you get instant access to your chosen session (no waiting for the Post Man) it means you will have to upload the session to an iPod or MP3 player as self hypnosis sessions are best listened to through stereo headphones or earphones.

It is not advisable that you listen to the hypnosis through your computer speakers. For best results use earphones and sit or lie down in a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. Of course, if you are still using CDs you can burn it onto a blank CD to play on a portable device.

On the plus side this session is very cheap and extremely fast working. You can expect to experience results on the first listening session. Although you will probably fall back into your old emotional/thought patterns within a few hours it usually only takes a week to see a permanently marked improvement in your perspective and attitude.

If you follow the instructions and remain persistent in following through on your self-hypnosis sessions regularly you will normally feel totally free of your negative thoughts and emotions within a 30 day period. Knowing this, and because they are confident in their hypnosis products, the suppliers of the "Forgiveness Hypnosis MP3", HypnosisDownloads.com, offer a 90 day money-back guarantee with all downloads.

We were very impressed by this product and achieved some remarkable results from using it!

Forgiveness Hypnosis

Find Forgiveness Hypnosis



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