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Do You Get Frozen to the Spot by Fear?
Are Your Fears Paralyzing You in Life?
Hypnosis Can Help!


Girl gripped by fearYou may have heard the old acronym that F.E.A.R is actually an abbreviation for False Evidence Appearing Real. There is some truth in this.

However, although there is much scientific evidence to support the fact that most people's fears are not grounded in reality but are emotional responses to only imagined future events (which usually never take place), this is no consolation when fear takes hold.

Neither does this clever use of "word-play" help you to deal with the fear itself when it strikes!

The Emotional Response

No amount of critical thinking will help you to remove your fears. You see fear is not a function of your conscious, critical mind. Fear is a primitive response that originates in the deepest part of your brain - that part which deals with your emotions.

Your fears are automatic emotional responses, to real or imagined threats to your well-being. These responses have been learned - you were not born with them. They are a direct result of previous subconscious programming.

Psychologists will tell you that fear is a basic emotion that is hard-wired into the brain. It is a defensive mechanism that has evolved in every living creature.

Man afraid of spiderHowever, studies into fear have shown that it almost always relates to a perceived future event. For example, a person with arachnophobia sees a spider and immediately reacts to automatic thoughts that he/she is in danger. These thoughts trigger intense emotional and physiological reactions in the body - all in a fraction of a second.

Although fear is a natural emotion that every living creature experiences, and even though it is hard-wired into the brain of every human being, not all people fear the same things!

This shows us that most fears are merely the result of learned behaviour and if you learned it you can un-learn it. Fears and phobias can be eliminated!

Although it is true that when you are truly in danger you will feel a certain amount of fear, as your self-preservation instinct takes-over, you can remove unfounded and irrational fears easily.

So how do you do this?

The Critical Mind

Analysing your fears through critical thinking rarely eliminates them. Fear is an automatic emotional response and happens so quickly you simply do not have time to convince yourself that being frightened is irrational or unhelpful in your situation.

Therefore analysing a perceived threat with your logical mind can only help to diminish the fear a little (after you have already become frightened) and, in fact, this approach can often have the opposite effect and make the fear worse.

Due to the fact that fear is an automatic response and because it takes hold so quickly trying to use reasoning to overcome the fear can make it more intense because you are focusing on what is making you frightened!

Release Any Fear

The Subconscious Mind

In order to remove fear and free yourself from your automatic emotional responses you need to change those responses at a deep level of mind.

You learn by storing experiences in your subconscious mindThe deepest level of mind known to Man is the subconscious mind. This part of the mind stores every experience you ever have. It stores these experiences not as actual truthful representations of the events themselves but on how you perceived those events.

This is why memory is such a flawed function of the mind. Rarely do two people perceive the same event in the same way and therefore their memories of that event will be different also.

Your memories are used by the subconscious mind to regulate your automatic behaviours. This is a completely natural thing for your brain to do. If your subconscious mind did not store all your previous experiences and use them as feedback mechanisms for your behaviours you would not be able to learn to walk, talk, drive a car etc.

This function of the mind is extremely important. The ability of human beings to store and gain access to learned behaviours has allowed us to master our environment and made us the most powerful creatures on this planet.

However, it has drawbacks!

Subconscious Programming

Phobias & Fears Start in ChildhoodMost of your automatic behaviour was created when you were very young. Although some life experiences can alter how we perceive the world, ourselves and other people, the vast majority of our perceptions are based on childhood programming.

When any event occurs in a person's life this event is imprinted on the subconscious mind and stored. The event then becomes a memory. When you access that memory what is played back to you in your mind is not so much what actually occurred but how you perceived it to have occurred.

This is because the emotions that were felt during that experience are also imprinted onto the subconscious mind and these emotions become a part of the memory of that event. Emotions taint how we view things!

This can be very pleasant when you have a joyful experience as it leads to happy memories after the event has taken place. Many times a memory of a happy event is more powerful than the actual event was because repetition of the memory reinforces the positive emotions and amplifies them.

However, when you experience a traumatic or unpleasant event then the memories of it are also unpleasant because the negative emotions you initially felt during your experience are also part of the memory of that event.

Negative memories also get reinforced through repetition. This means your fears can get worse over time!

Release Any Fear

Subconscious Re-Programming

The only effective way of releasing any fear is to reprogram your automatic responses to the stimuli that cause that fear. This can only really be effectively achieved by reprogramming your subconscious mind.

Reprogram your mind to release fearsOne of the most effective, if not the most effective, ways for doing this is through the use of hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been proven to be a very efficient, fast and effective way for eliminating all phobias and fears.

When we decided to test hypnosis programs for removing irrational and unwanted fears we needed to ensure that the hypnosis was capable of not only removing the fear but could also replace any negative emotional responses with positive ones.

We found that for the fastest results you really need to get a specifically tailored hypnotic recording that deals directly with your phobia or fear - such as arachnophobia (fear of spiders).

Having said that, human beings are a complex species and after millions of years of evolution our brains have become highly sensitive and ultra powerful bio-computers, yet, we all remain highly individual with our own concerns, joys, comforts and fears! So it is not surprising that not all fears and phobias are covered by hypnotic manufacturers.

That's why we were very happy to find a hypnotic title that is designed to help you release any fear. We were even happier when we found out it worked!

Release Any Fear

Release Any Fear Hypnosis

Although there are many good specific hypnotic sessions designed to help you release your fears and phobias not all phobias and fears are covered. For this reason the "Release Any Fear" hypnosis session is a god-send.

For example, I remember watching a day-time interview show with Paul McKenna as a guest. In the audience he demonstrated how to cure a phobia on a male audience member who was terrified of balloons - not many hypnosis sessions available for that.

Other strange phobias that we have encountered have included a fear of clouds, a fear of clowns and even a fear of watches. As human beings are complex it is no surprise that the fears and phobias created in our minds can be complex as well.

Therefore, if you have an unusual, or un-addressed, fear or phobia the "Release Any Fear" hypnosis session is just what you need to free yourself from your negative emotional responses.

Of course the session can be used on any phobia or fear. So, if you have more than one you may want to get this session and work on all of them independently - one at a time - to save you money!

Woman's Fear of Rubber
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Release Any Fear


Phobias and fears are one of the easiest things to cure with hypnosis. The advancements in hypnotic techniques mean that it is relatively easy to cure a phobia. Many times this can be achieved in just one session by a trained hypnotherapist.

When using a self hypnosis product, however, it is advisable to listen to it for about 30 days to ensure the changes you experience are permanent. This is the beauty of self-hypnosis as such a saturating of the subconscious mind, and the permanent results you are therefore guaranteed, would be costly if you visited a hypnotist!

If you want to eliminate your fears and overcome your phobias but cannot find a hypnotic title to suit your individual needs then Release Any Fear is for you.

Similarly, you will want to get this product if you have multiple phobias and do not want to, or cannot afford, multiple hypnotic titles.

With a full 90 day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee you can try the hypnosis and see the results for yourself with complete peace of mind about your purchase.

Release Any Fear

Hypnosis to Remove Fear



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