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Are You Constantly Getting Sick?
Do You Get One Disease After Another?
Are You Ready to Eliminate Them All For Good?


Disease occurs when the immune system failsAs its name would suggest disease is dis-ease in the body. In medical terms disease occurs either from external causes, such as microbes or germs, or through internal causes such as autoimmune diseases.

Regardless of the cause all diseases have one thing in common - the inability of the immune system to regulate your health correctly. In diseases that are caused by external factors your immune system is unable to fight the disease and eliminate it. When you suffer from autoimmune diseases your immune system is actually over-reacting and attacking healthy cells in the body.

Either way the immune system is not functioning at it optimum level and returning it to its natural state is the best way to fight disease. This can be achieved through hypnotherapy!


Hypnotherapy is the application of hypnosis for the treatment of many disorders both physical and mental.

The most common uses of hypnotherapy are for pain relief and behavioural change. However, because hypnosis is such an effective treatment tool for a variety of disorders the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association, as well as The British Medical Association have given it their medical seal of approval and advocate its use.

Hypnosis has been shown to be such a beneficial tool that under certain circumstances it is now possible to seek hypnotherapy treatment through the British National Health Service!

The Beginnings & Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Although the use of hypnosis dates back millennia and the knowledge of its ability to help heal the body has been known by modern man for centuries the current use of hypnotic techniques, as an aid to healing, can be linked to the work of Franz Anton Mesmer (May 23, 1734 - March 5, 1815) - albeit unbeknownst to him.

The "discovery" of "animal magnetism" by Mesmer was the forerunner of modern day hypnotherapy.

Although he didn't realize it Mesmer used hypnosis to cure his patientsAnimal magnetism was first introduced in 1774 when Mesmer gave a patient a fluid drink containing iron and then attached magnets to her body. The patient reported feeling streams of energy running through her body and was relieved of her symptoms for several hours.

Mesmer believed that in this experiment he had somehow transferred his own animal magnetism, or healing energy, to the patient and thus began his research and study into the phenomenon.

In 1778 Mesmer moved to Paris and established a very successful medical practice. During his time in Paris he treated wealthy patients and, to many people's surprise, accrued a great many successful "cures".

Although Mesmer strongly believed that animal magnetism was responsible for the cures at his medical clinic not everyone was convinced.

In 1784, without Mesmer's consent, King Louis XVI of France commissioned a committee to investigate Mesmer's claims. He duly appointed nine members from the Faculty of Medicine and the Royal Academy of Sciences to the Commission.

These members included highly respected and high ranking members of the scientific and political establishment of the time and included, the United States Minister to France, Benjamin Franklin.

The commission conducted a series of strict scientific experiments which were designed to ascertain if Mesmer had indeed discovered a new type of energy field (animal magnetism). They were not investigating if Mesmer could cure his patients because there was so much evidence pointing to the fact that he could cure them!

After careful study of their findings the commission concluded that there was no evidence for such an energy field and that all the successful cures had been due to the patient's own imagination and the effects of autosuggestion (now commonly known as post hypnotic suggestion)!

The Mind-Body Connection

Change how your body works through hypnosisSo how did Mesmer's autosuggestion cure his patients?

Well it all happens in the mind!

Your entire body is regulated by your mind. Every blood vessel, cell and atom in your body is guided by your powerful subconscious mind.

Through post hypnotic suggestion it is possible to influence your mind to change your body and how it functions. By accessing the subconscious mind it is possible to instruct it to alter how your immune system fights disease.

Just as your DNA holds the instructions (or blueprint) for your body's shape, eye colour, hair colour etc., so too does your subconscious mind hold the instructions for the maintenance and repair of your body. These instructions are given to each cell of your body so they know how to act and react in any given situation. Through the use of hypnosis it is possible to gain instant access to the subconscious mind and give it new instructions.

Your subconscious mind has the power to change how your immune system works and can instruct it to fight disease correctly or stop over-reacting and causing autoimmune responses.

Fight Any Disease

Hypnosis Reviews

When testing hypnosis products we always try to ensure that the hypnotic trance sequence follows some strict guidelines.

We tested several hypnosis titles before finding the bestNot only should the hypnosis be aimed at removing any problem you may have but it should also be designed to create and instil in the subconscious mind positive new beliefs and behaviours that reinforce the changes desired.

In addition the post hypnotic suggestions should not just concentrate on the problem but should also ensure that a positive mind-set is created while increasing belief in yourself, your ability to reach your objectives and also increase your self-esteem.

In regard to combating disease we wanted to find a hypnosis product that could specifically target the immune system and alter it to function optimally and also strengthen it to fight effectively against any future attacks. The hypnosis also had to deal with ensuring the immune system does not over-react and attack healthy cells!

The best hypnosis product we found is called "Fight Any Disease" and is an hour long session.

Fight Any Disease Hypnosis

This title is offered by Instant-Hypnosis and, as with all their hypnotic titles, it comes with a full 90 day money-back guarantee.

The hypnosis sequences are designed to gain access to your subconscious mind and to direct it to change the way your immune system works.

Beat Depression Hypnosis The trance sequence is well scripted and cleverly guides you into a deep state of hypnotic trance.

The post hypnotic suggestions are designed to trigger your body's natural healing mechanisms. They also boost your immune system so it functions at its optimal level. This means you are much less likely to suffer from further viral or microbial attacks and can avoid autoimmune reactions when the immune system mistakes healthy cells as a threat.

Your subconscious mind is also commanded to create in your body and mind feelings of health and well-being. This leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed and energized after each session.

The hypnosis does have an effect after the first listening but the really good results do not kick-in until you have listened to it every day for at least a week.

After that you need to be diligent and listen to it every day for at least 30 days - longer is recommended. We found that the best results were obtained by those reviewers who listen to the session every day over a two month, or more, period.

Fight Any Disease


We found the "Fight Any Disease" hypnosis session definitely helps you to feel better. It also makes you feel much more optimistic about your health and does indeed lead to faster healing times.

We can only assume, due to the nature of the post hypnotic suggestions and increased recovery times that the hypnosis does alter your immune system so that it operates more efficiently.

Whether it wards off future attacks is hard to say as only time will either prove or disprove this claim. However, if it can help you recover from illness at a much faster rate than normal (which it can) then it seems reasonable to assume that it can also boost your immune system and reduce the risk of contracting more diseases.

With a 90 day money-back guarantee you have nothing to lose by trying it!

Fight Any Disease

Hypnosis to Fight Disease



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