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Is Your State of Mind Bringing You Down?
Do You Withdraw From Life & Hide From The World?
Have You Tried Using Hypnosis to Unleash Your Inner Optimism?

Hypnosis and Depression

Depression is a common conditionAlthough it is very common depression is often misunderstood and regarded as a socially awkward or embarrassing condition by those who suffer from it. It is so common that 9.5% of the population suffer some form of depression every year. That means that in any given year there are 19 million Americans suffering the symptoms of depression - often in silence.

Up to 12% of men, and 25% of women, will become clinically depressed at some stage of their lives in the USA and by 2020 it is estimated that clinical depression will be the second most common health condition in the world!

Clinical depression should not be confused with "feeling down" or having the "blues" - it is a serious mental condition that affects many different areas of a person's life.

A person suffering from depression can find it difficult to eat, sleep, work, interact with others and a multitude of other everyday activities that most people take for granted. Depression can also have a very adverse affect on a person's self-image and rob them of self-esteem.

Many times when a person is suffering from depression they get very little support from family and friends because the condition is not fully understood by those who have not experienced it and because it is not openly talked about.

Many people mistakenly believe that depression is just feeling sad or down and that it can be overcome through a little will-power. However, a depressed person cannot simply snap-out of it or lift themselves up through mental effort!

Symptoms of Depression

Many people who suffer from clinical depression describe it as "living in a black hole" or being surrounded by feelings of impending doom. Colours lose their richness and texture, food can lose its taste and nothing seems worthwhile as all of life appears bleak and hopeless.

Rather than creating feelings of sadness, as most people believe, many forms of depression leave a person feeling apathetic towards life, empty or lifeless.

Depression is not the type of normal sadness which everyone experiences from time to time. Depression engulfs a person and interferes with their ability to function productively in life. A depressed person will find it difficult to work, study, eat, sleep, or find enjoyment in anything. These symptoms are often accompanied strong feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

Apart from the obvious hazards and hardships associated with depression it is known that it also greatly weakens the immune system and leaves a person more open to other diseases.

Depression not only causes suffering to those who are depressed, but it also causes great difficulty for their family and friends who often do not know how to help.

The following are the most common indications that you or someone you know may be suffering from depression.

  • Lack of sleep or constant feelings of tiredness.

  • Lack of concentration - even the most menial tasks require extreme mental effort.

  • Feelings of helplessness.

  • Constant negative thinking.

  • No appetite.

  • Feeling constantly irritated.

  • Suicidal.

  • If you identify any of these symptoms then you should seek professional medical help as depression can be successfully treated with the correct care!

    Beating Depression

    The problem a person faces when they want to overcome depression is that the condition itself leaves you feeling helpless to do anything about it and hopeless that anything can be done.

    You can beat depressionThese feelings are symptoms of the condition - they do not reflect the reality of the situation!

    Rather than viewing depression recovery as a huge uphill battle, taking small steps towards recovery is the best way to overcome this condition.

    Getting help from supportive friends and family members is the best way to battle depression and this can only be achieved by openly talking about how you are feeling and thinking.

    Although it is generally believed that depression indicates weakness or emotional instability in a person this view is far from truthful. Depression is a health condition that can affect anyone at any age!

    Through the help of a support network of friends and family it is possible to overcome depression by making small changes that will eventually amount to large lifestyle changes.

    There are small lifestyle changes that can support depression recovery. These include:

  • Involving yourself in supportive relationships.

  • Regular exercise.

  • Adequate sleep - neither over-sleeping nor denying yourself sleep.

  • Reducing stress.

  • Relaxing your mind and body - through yoga, meditation, muscle relaxing exercises etc.

  • Challenging negative thoughts & beliefs.

  • Changing Your Mind

    Stress and physical tension are the result of your thinking and your emotions. The emotions that you feel are a direct result of how you are thinking. In order to relax the body and remove stress it is necessary to first relax your mind!

    This is one of the reasons many people choose hypnosis as a way of helping them overcome depression. Through the use of hypnotic induction it is possible to still the mind and relax the body. In fact, hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool for reducing stress of all kinds.

    However, hypnosis is also very effective at changing mental patterns within the subconscious mind.

    Change how you feel through hypnosisAnyone who suffers from, or has ever suffered from, depression knows that an act of "will" is not enough to lift you out of it. Mere will-power is not enough to overcome this condition. The feelings and thoughts of impending doom, hopelessness and negativity are hard to fight at a conscious level.

    In order to reverse the spiral of negative thoughts it is necessary to change them at their root in the subconscious mind.

    Through hypnosis it is possible to restructure how you think and to remove negative thought patterns. Doing this makes recovery from depression easier as it frees your mind to look for alternative, more optimistic thoughts and feelings and also frees you to embark on a plan to overcome your current condition.

    For example, having a plan to exercise more and get more involved in supportive relationships will only work if you are able to work that plan. By elevating your mood and changing how you are thinking it is possible to raise your spirits enough to start taking the actions that are necessary to turn your depression around.

    Beat Depression Hypnosis

    Treating Depression With Hypnosis

    Hypnosis can help you unleash your inner optimismObviously anyone suffering from this condition should seek professional medical advice. However, hypnosis can be an invaluable aid to recovery.

    When seeking the best hypnosis product to help combat depression we were very careful and very exacting in what we wanted it to achieve.

    We wanted to ensure that the hypnosis program would not just relax the mind and body but could also reprogram the subconscious mind to remove the negative thoughts and feelings that are symptomatic of depression.

    In addition it was also important for us to find a program that could also act as a catalyst for instilling positive thoughts, feelings and actions in the listener.

    Beat Depression Hypnosis

    The "Beat Depression" hypnosis session is designed to help you overcome the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness that are the symptoms of depression. In an hour long session this hypnosis for depression recording guides your body and mind into a relaxed state of trance where post hypnotic suggestions are driven deep into your subconscious mind.

    These hypnotic affirmations are aimed at your automatic thought patterns and emotional behaviours.

    Beat Depression Hypnosis Through the clever use of hypnotic subconscious programming the Beat Depression session guides your subconscious mind to remove the thoughts of dread, doom, helplessness and negativity and replace them with thoughts of joy and optimism.

    As you relax and allow the hypnosis to do its work your subconscious mind is commanded to restructure how you feel about life and your place in it. By removing the symptoms of depression at their mental root and replacing the negativity that is dragging you down this hypnosis session frees you to pursue the things in life that will make you happy.

    During the session you are guided to see that things are not as bleak as they are appearing to you and that there is a solution to your current situation.

    The session expertly uses hypnosis to remove negativity from your mind. This is hypnosis for anxiety and depression. It is necessary to use the hypnosis every day even after you are feeling better. With each listen you will dive deeper into the subconscious programming that is causing your negative thoughts and feelings.

    Beat Depression Hypnosis


    Can hypnosis help depression?

    Yes it can!

    Regardless of how long you have suffered with the symptoms of depression or how severe they are the "Beat Depression" hypnosis program can help. We do strongly urge you to see a medical professional in addition to using any alternative therapies, even one as well-respected and beneficial as hypnosis.

    We advise you to listen to the hour long session at least once a day over a 30 day period. Although you will likely see results from the very first listening it is important to maintain a daily routine of listening to the hypnosis.

    Depression has many different causes and to address each one you should give yourself enough time to allow your hypnosis session to do its work. It is also necessary to maintain your daily routine to ensure that the results you get remain permanent. Stopping the hypnotherapy too early can result in a return of your symptoms.

    However, once you feel that you depression has fully lifted feel free to listen to the session intermittently or whenever you feel a little down.

    With a 90 day money-back guarantee offered by the manufacturer your purchase is 100% risk-free.

    Beat Depression Hypnosis

    Hypnosis to Stop Smoking



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