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What Changes Would You Make If You Had Access to Your Very Own Custom Hypnosis Sessions at a Fraction of the Cost of Visiting a Hypnotherapist?

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Hyptalk Custom Hypnosis

With a custom made hypnosis recording it is possible to get the same outstanding results you would only normally get from several expensive visits to a skilled hypnotherapist - all in the comfort of your own home, experiencing your sessions at your own pace and at times that suit you!

The Power of Hypnosis

Hypnotic trance is probably the fastest way to gain access to your powerful subconscious mind.

It is within your subconscious mind that all your beliefs, values, expectations and automatic behaviours are stored. By gaining access to this part of your mind it is possible to make changes fast and effectively that can tremendous life-altering positive consequences in your life!

Within just a few short sessions you can, through hypnosis, eliminate problems that have been hounding you for decades. You can change long-standing beliefs that no longer serve you and hinder your upward movement in life and your own personal growth.

You can use the power of hypnosis to remove phobias, the emotional attachment to negative past experiences and even to program your subconscious mind to bring you a new, exciting and rewarding future.

Custom Versus Pre-Recorded Hypnosis Sessions

There are hundreds of thousands of people who have gained tremendous benefit from the use of pre-recorded hypnosis sessions and although there are some really great pre-recorded hypnosis titles on the market (and a great many more bad ones) they do have a drawback.

Custom Hypnosis by VictoriaUsing an off-the-shelf hypnosis CD or MP3 will give you a great many benifits and most probably change your life in ways you could only drem about, however they rarely do exactly what they are meant to do.

Although a good hypnosis recording will always create positive results they often fall short of creating the exact changes desired by the person using it.

Why is this?

Well the problem does not lie with the hypnotic process or even the structure, aim or even the language used in the hypnosis session. The problem is much more subtle!

You see pre-made hypnotic recordings are designed to be listened to by a variety of people. These people may come from different social, religious or financial backgrounds. The session itself must be made in such a way that it is generic and can be listened to by anyone. It is not specific to one particular person or even one particular group.

So why does this matter?

It matters because everyone has a different background, set of social values, expectations and perceptions of themselves and the world around them.

Being rich to a street-kid in India would mean poverty to you and me!

Another example of how the generic approach can be less than desirable when it comes to creating internal changes can be shown in the next example.

Imagine you are travelling and are invited into a nomadic Arab caravan for dinner. You have just eaten a hardy meal and are grateful for the hospitality. If you do not burp loudly afterwards it is considered rude, a sign of disrespect and an indication that you did not enjoy your meal. However, do the same thing after a meal at the Ritz and you will be viewed as extremely rude and disrespectful!

Although you will never use a hypnosis session to alter your burping behaviour the basic principle applies to everything else in life that you may wish to use hypnosis to change.

The trance sequences and post-hypnotic suggestions that are used in pre-recorded hypnosis sessions have been designed so that they apply to the widest possible social, religious and economic base.

Therefore often when you hear post hypnotic suggestions on a standard hypnosis session your subconscious mind, drawing on your own social values, expectations and past experiences, takes the commands and tailors them to your own specific situation - many times misinterpreting the meaning and expected result.

This is the main reason why many people get only diluted results from standard hypnosis recordings yet achieve phenomenal success when they visit a hypnotherapist. For example it is very common for a person to listen to a financial success or money-attracting hypnosis or subliminal recording and get only a small windfall and not achieve the great financial success they desire.

With a custom made hypnosis session you avoid this scenario completely because the session has been designed to work for you in particular! It has the same effect as visiting a hypnotherapist yet at a fraction of the cost.

Standard Hypnosis Session
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Hyptalk Custom Hypnosis

Hyptalk Custom Hypnosis

We tested many different custom recordings and found that a great many of them were no better than standard off-the-shelf titles. The only difference in these recordings was the use of your name and a few personal details. This defeats the whole purpose of using a custom recording.

Victoria GallagherHowever, we did find one highly qualified hypnotherapist who understands the reason for customizing a recording to suit an individual and be highly specific to their needs.

The custom hypnosis recordings offered by Master Hypnotherapist Victoria Gallagher are the best we tried!

Even Victoria has a large, and effective, library of standard hypnosis recordings on offer she also saw the need that many people have for specific personalised sessions.

You begin by filling in a form to explain to her your personal details and specific needs and then work with her to develop the best recording that will help you achieve the results you want.

It is extremely important that you are specific when you fill in this form. Get really into the process because this information is used to create the a product that will bring you the results you want. The more specific you are at this stage of the process, the more specific your results will be when you listen to the hypnosis session!

For an extra $100 you also have the option of a 60 minute phone consultation with Victoria to better express exactly what you want from your hypnosis session. In addition you also get a pre-screening of the hypnosis script that will be used in your recording and the option of making any changes you deem necessary. Once the session has been digitally recorded it is then held in the Hyptalk archive in-case you ever lose your copy!

For an extra $100 you should take advantage of this option as we found the hypnosis recordings created using it were much more tailored to our specific needs and thus created better results.

Although it states on her site that you may have to wait up to four weeks for your recording (which is worth it) you will probably get your CD much sooner. We found the average to be about two weeks.

custom hypnosis


The Custom Hypnosis recordings offered at Hyptalk are by far the best ones we tried. Victoria Gallagher is a fully qualified and accredited hypnotherapist who takes time and care over each recording. Although the custom sessions are expensive compared to her standard recordings the results you get from their use are outstanding.

You can achieve good results from a standard pre-made hypnosis recording however, the results that you get from a customised hypnotic session will blow you out of the water. They are simply the most effective, fastest way to create permanent and meaningful changes that can be measured in the real world.

Custom Hypnosis

custom hypnosis



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