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Watch Derren Brown Demonstrate
Covert Hypnosis Techniques
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Covert Hypnosis

Traditional Hypnosis

There are many great reasons to learn traditional hypnosis techniques. As a tool for accessing the subconscious mind and making major internal changes which, in turn, lead to positive external changes in your life, hypnosis is one of the best.

Traditional HypnosisHypnosis has been proven to be one of the most effective and quickest methods for creating life-changes and has therefore become extremely popular in the self improvement field. It is also used by conventional medical practioners throughout the world as a treatment for many psychological and physical ailments.

However, there are certain hidden and secretive underground hypnotic practices which are seldom talked about and frequently frowned upon by conventional hypnotherapists (even though they use them themselves) which are referred to as covert conversational hypnosis.

These underground hypnotic techniques are based on traditional hypnosis with two exceptions - with conventional hypnosis you are given permission to hypnosis a subject and then proceed to guide them into trance. While in trance you give post hypnotic suggestions to the subject that have been pre-arranged and agreed upon.

However, using powerful nlp covert hypnosis techniques (based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming) the subject has no idea that they are being hypnotized, as you bypass the conventional trance sequences commonly used in hypnotic practices. You then give them instructions and commands based on what you want and not what they desire!

Covert Hypnosis

Through the power of your words and the way you use your voice to intone your intent it is possible to lead a person into trance without them even realising they are being hypnotised!

Once a person is in a state of hypnotic trance it is relatively easy to command them to obey your wishes through the use of clever language and intonation. These underground hypnosis techniques are extremely powerful - as demonstrated by Derren Brown in the video above.

In fact, covert hypnosis has been used in the past for some impressive, although highly illegal, activities as you can see in the short video clip below!

Illegal Use of Covert Hypnosis
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Covert Hypnosis

Conversational Hypnosis

Milton EriksonConversational hypnosis all stated with Milton Erikson, who is often called the father of modern hypnosis, an American psychiatrist specializing in medical hypnosis and family therapy.

Through his work Erickson showed that the unconscious mind of a person is always attentive and actively listening. He demonstrated that hypnotic influence could be easily achieved over another person through covert suggestions implanted without the knowledge of that person and without the need to send them into a normal trance state.

What seemed like normal conversation to the people Erikson spoke to was in fact hypnotic conversation. Erikson demonstrated these techniques frequently and perfected the art of covert hypnosis over his lifetime.

Although Erikson's main aim was to produce psychological healing in his patients he was a well known practical joker, and he often used indirect suggestions in his books, papers, lectures, seminars and everyday conversations to make people do his bidding.

Steven Peliari

Steven PeliariSteven Peliari is considered by many to be one of the world's leading experts on covert hypnosis techniques. He is an internationally acclaimed master hypnotist with a string of books and audio courses under his belt.

Now, for the first time, Steven has condensed all his knowledge of covert hypnotic techniques into a comprehensive audio course called The Art of Covert Hypnosis, which is fast becoming the number 1 best selling hypnosis course in the world.

Peliari is a Master Hypnotherapist and his skills are so legendary that they have earned him the Chairmanship of the International Hypnosis Association!

Covert Hypnosis

The Art of Covert Hypnosis

In his audio course Periari holds very little back. You are guided in the use of covert hypnosis in ways that other courses just fail to do.

The fact that the course is on audio is of major benefit. It is extremely difficult to learn these techniques through a book - you really need to hear a skilled hypnotist delivering his speech tones in order to fully understand what is happening and how to do it yourself.

The Art of Covert Hypnoisis course materialsIn this course you learn all the secrets of covert hypnosis, which are extremely powerful, because you have the chance to hear a trained covert hypnotist using them and can repeat them back until using them yourself becomes second nature.

Due to its teaching style and the fact that you can actually hear covert hypnosis being used means that anyone can learn to use covert hypnosis from this course. We therefore sincerely hope that anyone who decides to purchase this course will use their new found skills in a responsible manner.

Although some people believe that having the ability to sway others and get them to follow your lead is immoral we believe this is just a misguided viewpoint. After all there have been great orators for thousands of years who have swayed the masses and altered public opinion - why should you not have access to the same power?

In closing all we can say is this course is not just a rehashed covert hypnosis ebook full of useless covert hypnosis scripts!

This is a full course that comes on 8 hours worth of mp3 audio files with a 322 page covert hypnosis manual for instant reference to the techniques and powerful methods you will learn!

It is also offered with 6 Powerful Bonuses that Periari estimates to be worth over $1,200. This claim may be a little extravagant in our opinion but they are at least worth a few hundred bucks.

Because the entire course is offered in digital format it is instantly downloadable for immediate access to the teachings where you hear exactly how the techniques should be used.

The added advantage of a 60 day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee gives you peace of mind about your purchase. The guarantee is totally bone fide as it is offered through one of the oldest and most secure servers on the Internet.

Covert Hypnosis


This is definitely the definitive training course on covert hypnosis. The techniques you learn will have you expertly guiding the options and actions of others in a fairly short period of time.

In fact from the very outset you will be able to use simple techniques and build up your confidence in the process while you develop your skills to a very high level in a short period of time.

It does take practice to master the techniques you are taught as using hypnotic language involves a subtle use of tones and word pacing as well as sentence structure. However, once you get to grips with the basics then the more intricate and complicated uses of conversational and covert hypnosis are easy to master and will seem like child's play.

The one drawback of conversational hypnosis, which is in no way a reflection of this course but a flaw in the process of covert hypnosis itself, is that it doesn't work on everyone!

Although the vast majority of people succumb to the techniques you will be using there are a small percentage of people who are completely immune to effects of conversational hypnosis. The good news is, though, that even if you come across such a person they will still be completely unaware of what you are doing.

There are of course alternatives to The Art of Covert Hypnosis. For instance there are many books on the market that claim to teach you the same covert hypnosis techniques. We have a word of warning for you - Do not waste your time buying a book that claims to teach these techniques!

You need to hear the techniques in action if you ever want to use them. Conversational hypnosis is a subtle art and easily learned but only if you are taught correctly!

You can get cheaper alternatives than this course such as the Kevin Hogan covert hypnosis ebook (Kevin Hogan Covert Hypnosis).

However, even Hogan's teaching materials are inferior to Periari's course because Periari covers so much subject matter and shows you how to use covert hypnosis to get anything you want.

The fact that Steven Periari also teaches you exactly how you should use your voice when using hypnotic language makes this course the only one that can guarantee you results!

There are also other courses available on covert hypnotic techniques. Some of these courses are cheaper (and some are more expensive) but all the other ones we tried failed to fully deliver on their promises and often left out key pieces of information.

Steven Periari's course, however, opens the door to the storehouse of hypnotic knowledge that other hypnotists either don't know or are unwilling to tell you!

As a final comment we will say this - if you want to learn covert hypnosis and develop the skills of a master hypnotist then get The Art of Covert Hypnosis!

Covert Hypnosis

covert hypnosis



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