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Is it Possible to Gain Lean Muscle Mass Fast
By Using Hypnosis?

Muscle Building

You can build muscle fast!When embarking on a training regime many people are lead astray about building muscle with unsubstantiated claims, fad workouts and ineffective diets. The quick-results attitude of many suppliers of muscle-building products can lead the aspiring muscle-man (or woman) to give-up on his dreams of sculpting the perfect body due to the frustration and disappointment of false claims and inferior products.

However, it is possible to build lean, hard muscle fast while burning away excess fat with the correct muscle training exercises.

Following the advice of professionals, who know which foods help you burn fat and increase muscle mass, in conjunction with a good training program, is the only way to build muscle fast. The problem with this approach, however, is the amount of exercise needed and the dramatic change in eating habits.

Many people find it very difficult to commit to the life-changes that are needed to build the perfect physique. This is where hypnosis can be invaluable!

Muscle Building Problems

When someone first decides to embark on a fitness program they can feel overwhelmed. With the vast amount of conflicting advice available it can seem like an uphill struggle and oftentimes the person is left feeling that their goal is just too difficult to achieve.

Building muscle fast can be a problemHowever, finding the correct information for building-up your physique is not at all hard if you are discriminating and do a little research - in fact there are a great many free resources available on the Internet which can help you with your fitness goals.

The problem does not lie in the training, dietary or cardiovascular exercises themselves but in a person's mindset!

Choosing to sculpt the perfect shape is not a decision that should be taken lightly or half-heartedly. It takes commitment a certain amount of physical work to achieve that goal!

Once an aspiring muscle-builder finds the correct training program they often embark on their training exercises with enthusiasm and vigor only to find their motivation waning as the true nature of their commitment starts to 'hit home'!

For example, trying to motivate yourself to exercise early in the morning, or after a hard day's work, can be one of the hardest things to do. Before long the vast majority of people give-in to their own resistance and end-up sitting in front of the TV munching on potato chips.

If you want to build-up your muscle mass and sculpt that physique you have always wanted you need to change your mindset!

Increase Your Muscle Mass

How Hypnosis Can Help!

Hypnosis is a very popular tool for creating fast, effective and permanent changes in your attitudes, thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It is popular because it works!

Through the use of the correct hypnosis program it is possible to effortlessly change your outlook and actually crave the food and exercises you need to build the body you want. With such a change in your mindset you will find that, not just the goal-attainment brings you joy but that, actually pursuing your goal becomes an enjoyable experience also.

Hypnosis can train your mind and body to crave and enjoy muscle-building exercises and the healthy foods that are necessary to build the muscle you want.

In addition to these fantastic internal mental changes hypnosis can also help you build muscle faster!

The Subsconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind is an extremely powerful force. It is responsible for all the internal workings of your body.

The subconscious has teh blueprint to rebuild your body It regulates your heart rate and ensures blood is pumped all over your body carrying the necessary nutrients to each cell.

In fact every cell of your body is under the direct supervision of your subconscious mind.

You see the subconscious holds a mental blueprint of your body which it uses as a guide to regulate your internal systems and to repair and rebuild your body when it is damaged.

Your subconscious mind holds the blueprint of your physique.

When you access the subconscious mind and change this mental blueprint to reflect a healthier, more muscle laden physique, your subconscious mind will use that mental blueprint to rebuild your muscles after you tear them down in a training session!

Increase Your Muscle Mass

Hypnotic Muscle Building

When we decided to test hypnosis sessions for muscle building we knew that they had to address several areas.

Achieve all your fitness goals!Although hypnosis is a mental tool we felt that to be effective at helping create muscle mass fast the session needed to heavily concentrate on the physical aspects of training as well as changing your automatic behaviours to make training easier and, in fact, enjoyable.

Therefore, the hypnosis needed to increase:

1. Your desire to perform muscle-building and fat-burning exercises.

2. Your desire to eat the correct muscle-building foods and avoid the incorrect ones.

3. Your body's ability to create muscle at faster rate.

We tested several hypnosis products. The best hypnosis session we found addresses these areas fairly well although we would have been happier if it concentrated a little more on cardiovascular exercises - to ensure you burn the fat needed to make your muscles look more defined.

Having said that, the hypnosis session we have chosen is very effective and certainly delivers on its promises.

The session is available on CD and is offered with free international shipping. It is also available as an MP3 download for half the price of the CD so this may be a better option for you if you use an iPod, MP3 player or wish to burn it to disc yourself on your computer.

Both the CD and the MP3 come with a full 90 day no-questions-asked money back-guarantee.

Increase Your Muscle Mass

Increase Your Muscle Mass

Hypnosis makes achieving fitness goals easy!The Increase Muscle Mass hypnosis session helps you approach your muscle building goals, and tackle your muscle building problems, on several fronts.

Firstly you are directed to focus your attention on training exercises that will help you build up specific muscle groups.

Secondly it creates changes in your eating habits so that you crave and enjoy healthy, low-fat foods that promote muscle gain.

Thirdly, this hypnosis session directly reprograms your subconscious mind so that it builds muscle faster and stronger than you would normally achieve through training only!


Hypnosis will not help you to build muscle if you sit on the couch watching television all day. Building your muscles and creating the perfect body takes work. However, hypnosis can ensure this work becomes an automatic part of your routine and an enjoyable part of your day.

The Increase Muscle Mass hypnosis session was chosen as the best hypnotic product to help you reach your fitness goals because it approaches muscle building at several levels.

This hypnosis session makes training desirable, fun and an automatic behaviour for you. It also trains your mind and body to crave the correct foods for building the physique you desire. In addition it restructures your subconscious mind's mental blueprint of your body so it builds your muscles faster and stronger than you would normally get from just exercise.

With its 90 day money-back guarantee you can try the hypnosis session with peace of mind and witness the extraordinary power your mind has over your body!

Increase Your Muscle Mass

Gain muscle fast through hypnosis


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