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Would You Like to Get in Shape for the Beach?
Do You Want to Turn Heads with Your Perfect Curves or Muscled Physique?
Do You Know that Hypnosis Can Help You Sculpt The Perfect Beach Body Shape?

The Beach

Male & Female Beach BodiesWhen it comes time to hit the beach all too many people feel self-conscious about how they look and their overall shape.

Sculpting the perfect beach body seems like an unachievable dream for most people because they feel they cannot put in the physical work required to develop their physical appearance.

It is true that you need to do physical exercise if you want to look your best but the physical exercise is not the problem - the problem lies firmly in your mind. The truth is that you can achieve your physical fitness goals just by changing your mindset!

So, imagine learning how to change you mind so that you can create such a hot body that you turn heads and feel incredible in your tight fitting beach wear!

Your Body Image

It is often difficult for people to get into shape. Often trying to achieve the perfect "model" look is strenuous. You could have the perfect exercise program, eat the correct foods and be diligent in your activities but still fail to reach your goals. This can lead to disappointment, frustration and giving-up on your goals!

Female Beach BodiesThe vast majority of people who have earnestly tried to get in shape and failed, failed not because they were exercising wrongly or they did not have the correct nutritional advice but simple because their subconscious mind was working against them.

You see the subconscious mind holds a mental image of you. This image reflects your strengths, weakness, values, beliefs and abilities. This is your self-image. It also holds a body-image that it believes represents your physical self and appearance.

If your self-image is negative then you will constantly encounter failure in almost everything you do. You will be confronted with obstacles wherever you turn and never truly believe that you can be successful or achieve anything of value.

Likewise, if your body-image is negative then no matter how much work you put into your physical appearance you will always feel "less-than" and never really see any tangible positive results from your conscious efforts; your subconscious mind will block you and work against your actions at every turn.

Your subconscious mind has been programmed to work against you because of years of negative thinking and unrealistic expectations generated by the press and popular culture.

Beach Body Perfection

Achieving perfection takes work Not everyone can look like a supermodel or heavyweight boxer!

However, everyone can be their own ideal weight and shape and reach their own fitness goals.

Not all women have the same body type and neither do all men.

However, although you cannot change your body type you can alter your physical appearance and sculpt the most perfect form of your body!

You can look and feel fantastic in your beach clothes!

Getting the ideal beach body is not about trying to look like a cast member of "Bay Watch" it is about working with your own shape and perfecting it!

No matter what body type you have when you exercise it properly and feel good about it you will look fantastic!

All body types, properly toned, look good!

The problem with creating the prefect beach body, as we have already mentioned, does not lie with exercise or nutrition but in your mind.

If the Mind Harbours the Problem Then Maybe it also Holds the Solution!

The subconscious mind is an extremely powerful force in your life. It regulates your entire body. It does this from the mental blueprint it holds - your body image.

Have you ever tried to lose weight, gain weight or exercise only to fail, give-up or see no results?

Mental attitude is everything when it comes to fitnessWhen you consciously try to change how you look, no matter how hard you try, your subconscious mind will always fight against your efforts if your "new look" conflicts with the body image it holds of you.

Regardless of how much exercise you take or how well you regulate your diet your subconscious mind will ensure any changes you make are strenuous, stressful and have very little effect on your appearance!

A negative body image creates negative results. The subconscious will do everything in its power to sabotage your efforts to create any change that conflicts with your body image. Exercise will feel like a chore. Eating healthy food will be distasteful. In fact, every effort you take to make the changes you desire will feel like an uphill struggle!

So, obviously the smart thing to do is to change your body image!

Just as your subconscious mind has been programmed to work against your conscious efforts it can also be reprogrammed to reinforce your efforts.

When you change the mental image of how you see yourself, and thus the blueprint that the subconscious mind follows, the subconscious mind will do everything in its power to create that body for you!

It will ensure that the things you need to do, to create the changes that you want, are easy and even fun! You will crave the proper food and you will enjoy exercise!

Beach Body Hypnosis

Changing Your Body Image

We all know that to get the perfect beach body you are going to have to do some work. You need to eat well and exercise regularly - but who said this had to be difficult, stressful, boring or tough?

Hypnosis can create the right mindset for the perfect beach bodyBy using a professionally designed hypnosis program it is possible to make all the internal mental changes needed to make sculpting your beach body a fun thing to do.

Hypnosis is one of the most powerful, and fastest, ways to access the subconscious mind and make changes in your self-image and body-image.

Once these changes have been made you will automatically start to create the body you want and you will enjoy doing it.

Hypnotic Review

We wanted to find a hypnosis program that would be of use to both men and women.

Victoria Gallagher - Master Hypnotherapist It had to offer a way for creating changes regardless of your physical starting point; regardless of whether you are overweight or underweight you should be able to reach your ideal weight using it and the same for muscle mass, definition, how toned you are etc.!

The session also had to concentrate on dietary needs as well as exercise. It was important to us to find a hypnosis product that could make changes in eating habits and exercise habits natural and fun!

After testing many different hypnosis titles we found one that address all the above mentioned areas in regard to creating the changes you desire.

Beach Body Hypnosis is a professionally produced hypnosis session created by Victoria Gallagher C.M.Ht - a certified hypnotherapist. Victoria has a large site with many different and diverse recordings.

This is not the first time (and probably won't be the last) we have recommend her products on this site - because they work!

Beach Body Hypnosis

Beach Body Hypnosis

The Beach Body Hypnosis session was the best hypnotic product we tried for several reasons.

It is not gender specific and the hypnotic language and overall communication given in the session is just as easily applicable to men as it is to women. Because you set your weight goals prior to the trance sequence it is also not intrusive or forceful in any way.

This means that if you need to gain weight then you will or if you need to lose weight then you will do that instead!

Men & Women can sculpt a beach body with hypnosisYour personal fitness goals are created by you at the beginning of the session and then used to create a mental image of the perfect "you". This image is then used to replace your current body image thus reprogramming the subconscious mind!

Also during the session your subconscious mind is encouraged to change your eating and exercise habits so that they are in harmony with your new body image and fitness goals. This makes the whole process of change feel natural and ensures it happens automatically.

Although the hypnosis covers a lot the session itself only lasts 30 minutes. This is relatively quick for a hypnosis session that offers such fundamental changes.

We found that for best results you should listen to the session every day for the first week and then at least three times a week thereafter for at least a month. If you can spare the time to listen to it every day for a month then you will see even greater results.


Beach Body Hypnosis was the best hypnotic product we tried for creating the changes in attitude and behaviours that are necessary for reaching high-end fitness goals.

It tackles diet as well as exercise and has a neat way of ensuring you stick to the program by giving you post hypnotic suggestions to regularly listen to the hypnosis.

The hypnosis itself remains fairly generic and although this is something we usually avoid when it comes to post hypnotic suggestions it is actually one of the strengths of this product. By allowing you to set your own weight and fitness objectives before trance, and by remaining sexually neutral in its suggestions, the hypnosis can be used by both men and women even if they have completely different fitness goals!

By focusing on eating and exercise habits, Victoria Gallagher ensures you get an overall change in your outlook, attitude and behaviours.

The hypnosis CD comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee, minus shipping charges, and if you choose the MP3 download you get a slightly different guarantee - 50% money-back and 50% store credit.

Overall this hypnosis product is very good and delivers on its promises.

If you do not have a good training program or work-out regime, to use in conjuction with your hypnosis, then you may be interested in reading the reviews on our sister site - Best Work-out Reviews.

Beach Body Hypnosis

Beach Body Hypnosis



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