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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy
Can Change Your Relationship With Food!

A great many people in one modern society are dealing with weight issues. The fast food and fast-living culture that now live in has made it harder to maintain our ideal weight and the lack of exercise experienced by most of us means that we are getting fatter.

Our modern day society and cultural habits is making it harder to stay slim and in shape. We conditioned ourselves, and in fact have been conditioned, to crave fatty foods that are bodies are not genetically designed to handle.

Many foods available cheap on supermarket shelves are mass produced and stuffed with fatty produce so that it retains its taste without having any real substance that is beneficial for the body. Vitamins and minerals are in short supply in the fast food that we have come to love.

Do you realise that fat is also addictive for the body? The more fatty food substances you eat the more you want?

The human body is genetically designed to crave fat because it can store it and use it as energy in times of food shortage. When our ancestors were rummaging the forests for food and hunting wild animals this was a very beneficial bodily function to have as they may have gone days without eating.

However, in the 21st Century there is no shortage of food in the Western World yet our bodies are still subject to the same rules of nature that our ancestors were. This means that when we eat fatty foods, or we over-eat, our body does not eliminate the excess fat and food stuff but instead converts it into body fat and stores it for use in an emergency (which never comes).

The changes in the evolution of the human body have not caught up with the changes in our lifestyles. There is no doubt that as we evolve as a species that desire for the body to turn excess food stuff and animal fat into body fat as a means of storing extra energy will decrease for now we are still subject to the evolutionary needs of our ancestors.

Therefore we need to learn to work with our bodies instead of against them.

This is where hypnosis can be invaluable. You see hypnosis can be used to reprogram your eating habits to make you desire to eat more healthily and in smaller portions. It can also make this whole process enjoyable by changing your preferences at a subconscious level. Any good Hypnotherapy CD can achieve this.

However, hypnosis can also be used to bypass certain evolutionary restraints so that losing weight and maintaining a healthy trim physique or figure becomes much easier to achieve in a much shorter time frame than through dieting or exercise alone.

The best Weight Loss Hypnotherapy sessions can actually impress upon the subconscious mind the need to alter how your body deals with food and excess energy!

Hypnosis, when performed by a professional in the correct manner has been shown to, not only easily change eating and exercise habits for speedy weight-loss but can also, speed-up your metabolic rate so burning fat becomes natural for you!

With the advances made in hypnotic induction techniques and the use of behavioural change therapies there is no reason for anyone to be overweight in the 21st Century.

So, first change your mind and then watch as your body changes effortlessly as a result of your internal transformation. Weight loss can be easy when you use the power of your mind!








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