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The Number One Secret to Weight Loss!

Ok so you've cut down on your food intake. You're walking 30 minutes a day. Maybe you're even at the gym three times a week busting a gut to burn off that excess fat yet you still can't shift that last bit of wobbly tummy! What do you do?

Well starving yourself isn't an option. However fooling your body into thinking it isn't hungry may just do the trick!

We live on a little blue and green globe that orbits a bright shiny star and all that blue stuff could just hold the answer to your weight loss dilemma. Yes, I'm talking about water.

Water is often used to help shift those last few stubborn inches of fat. In fact it is just as useful if you have just embarked on a weight-loss regime. When you drink plenty of water you fill your stomach to the point that you no longer feel hungry - you have fooled your body into thinking you have eaten.

The great thing about drinking water is that you can never overdose on it. Water is good for you. Your body is composed of between 60 to 70 % of water! Water is the foundation for all life.

You can go about 7 weeks without food, but deprive yourself of water and you will only last a few days!

When you drink plenty of water not only will you become hungry less often, and therefore lose excess fat, but you will rehydrate your body and your skin and will start to look and feel better.

Not many people realise that they are actually dehydrated - it is extremely common. As a quick rule of thumb you can judge if you are dehydrated or not by checking your urine (gross I know but it is very useful). If your urine is yellow then you are most probably dehydrated. Fully hydrated individuals usually pass (reasonably) clear urine.

Drinking more water also helps you to use stored fat when you are on a diet because it helps the kidneys and liver function properly.

The Liver has many duties in the body one of which is to turn stored fat into energy. When you are on a weight loss program you will be taking in less calories than you are using and thus your liver must convert stored fat into energy for you to use.

However, if you are not taking in enough water your liver will not perform this fat burning job properly. This is because the liver also has to take on the duties of your kidneys if your kidneys are not functioning properly. And guess what?

If your kidneys' don't get enough water they don't work properly meaning your liver has to do the work which cuts down its overall productivity and stops it from burning fat!

So, as you can see drinking plenty of water is essential if you want to lose weight and a little known secret that can greatly help your weight loss efforts.

One thing to bear in mind as you embark on your new hydration routine. You may find that in the first few days to a week that you go to the toilet more often than usual. This is completely normal as your body gets used to taking in more water. It usually settles down very quickly so just stick with it.

If you need some help reducing those excess pounds you should consider a good weight loss hypnotherapy course.

A good course will include post hypnotic suggestion for increasing your water intake, speeding-up your metabolism and changing your exercise and eating habits.

You may also be interested in using some standard hypnotherapy CD for weight management and weight-loss.








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