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Using Covert Hypnosis

Covert hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool. Through the use of the latest hypnotic techniques it is possible to unconsciously sway the opinions, decisions and behaviours of others by simply talking to them in a specific way.

We are all covertly influenced through the day, whether that be through advertising, television programs, story-telling or just during normal conversation. In fact, without knowing it we all influence one and other during every interaction through the way we speak and act.

Most of the time this is unintentional and merely a by-product of our normal behaviours during our interactions with others. The vast majority of people are unaware that this is happening and even if they were they could not intentionally use it to their advantage.

However, it is possible to use direct hypnotic language to influence people in exactly the way we wish to! Years of research and experimentation have allowed hypnotists to develop ways of influencing others through the use of language, the spacing of words when they talk and through the clever use of tones and volume. They have called this "conversational hypnosis" or, to use its more commonly known name, "covert hypnosis".

Using convert hypnosis is extremely easy when you have the proper hypnosis training. After a bit of practice anyone can become adept enough at its use to influence a wide range of people within their social and business circles as well as using it to influence complete strangers.

This form of hypnosis owes its development to Milton Erickson. Erikson was a psychiatrist in the 20th Century who pushed the boundaries of hypnosis far beyond anything that was being used at the time.

Since Erikson discovered that hidden hypnotic commands were more powerful that direct suggestions to induce trance and elicit desired responses from his patient, the frontiers of hypnosis has been pushed even further.

Neuro-linguistic Programming, known as NLP, could only have been developed because of the work and discoveries made by Erikson and in fact, covert hypnosis, owes its entire existence to this one man.

Now, in the 21st Century, it is possible to gain the same effects from covert hypnosis that were only possible through standard induction techniques a few decades ago. This means you can hypnotize someone without them knowing it while you are speaking to them in an "ordinary" conversation.

As far as your "subject" is concerned they are merely having a conversation with you. However, you can embed hypnotic commands into your sentences to change their views, opinions, decisions and behaviours.

Some psychologists are extremely opposed to covert hypnosis and strongly suggest that the hypnosis training of such techniques should be banned due to their ability to alter other people's perceptions. It is true that in the wrong hands these techniques could be dangerous but for ordinary people it gives them an advantage that is usually only available to a select few who use these techniques naturally and unwittingly.

To learn more about this form of hypnosis ad to watch a demonstration of its effectiveness - getting winnings at a race track from a losing ticket - visit Covert Hypnosis.








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