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What is Covert Hypnosis?

What is covert hypnosis, why is it becoming so popular and how can it be useful to you?

Covert hypnosis, also known as conversational hypnosis, is popular not just with hypnotherapists. It is becoming a growing phenomenon with ordinary people learning how to use it and apply it to better their lives.

Covert hypnosis is exactly what it sounds like; the use of hypnosis covertly without the person you are using it on knowing that you are giving them hypnotic commands!

The difference between regular hypnosis and covert hypnosis is explained in its alternative name "conversational hypnosis". When a hypnotist uses conventional hypnotic commands he usually does so after he has induced a trance state in a subject. However, with covert hypnosis no trance induction is necessary because the hypnosis is carried-out through the words you use in your "ordinary" conversations with people.

When you purposely drop hypnotic commands into a conversation with someone, through clever use of language, word spacing and voice tones, you can get people to do almost anything. Sometimes it seems like magic!

Although the results you get from using covert hypnosis are spectacular and would seem like magic to a person who does not know what you are doing it is a skill that can be learned by anyone and which is based on the very best discoveries in the field of psychology and hypnosis.

At some point during the day you will use a weak form of covert hypnosis without even realising it. Some people are very adept at using conversational hypnotic commands and have no idea why they can get people to do what they want - they just know they can. Such people are naturally gifted orators (think of Winston Churchill or President Lincoln).

However, this gift of being able to sway the opinions and decisions of others is a skill that can easily be learned and with practise it can be perfected so that you can use it on 98% of the population!

Covert hypnosis really started with Milton Erikson, a highly gifted American psychiatrist, whose studies into the human mind greatly contributed to the advancement and popularity of hypnosis.

Erikson found that he could have much more of an impact on his hypnotic subjects if he "hid" his hypnotic commands in ordinary language. When his subjects did not consciously know that they were being given hypnotic commands they obeyed them much more readily.

In later years Richard Bandler created some hypnotic techniques, which do not require trance and have an immediate effect, called Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) which is based on Eriksonian hypnosis.

Through the use of NLP and Eriksonian style hypnotic commands it is possible to sway the opinion of one person or an entire crowd - within seconds!

Would you like to have the type of power over others that Rasputin had? Then visit Covert Hypnosis and watch a video that demonstrates how effective these skills can be!








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