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Five Tips to Burn Fat Faster Than You Can Say 'Diet'

When it comes to losing weight and shedding those excess extra pounds of fat that you have accumulated over the years there is only one thing that works (apart from liposuction) - eat less and exercise more!

Obviously everyone knows this so here are 5 simple tips to help you get started to that lean, trim ideal body you have always wanted.

Tip 1. Fill Up!

Fill up on water. Water is a secret weight loss tool that many people are totally unaware of. It has many benefits.

Using water can fool your body into thinking you have eaten because it immediately fills the stomach. However, increasing your intake of water has many more benefits.

When you increase your water consumption your skin looks and feels much healthier, you digestive system works as better and many other parts of your body benefit. In addition you ensure that you kidneys are not deprived of water because when they are your liver has to do their work and this stops it from its vital role of burning fat!

Tip 2. Fiber it Out!

Consuming more fiber not only helps your digestive system but it also fills you without adding any extra pounds onto your body because you eliminate any extra fiber that you take in. So although you fill filled when you eat it if you eat too much you will eliminate it.

Water also absorbs the extra water you are taking and thus expands in your stomach making you feel fuller for longer!

Tip 3. So Sweet!

Try to cut down on the sugar - you are sweet enough! Sugar is a very addictive food source that makes you want to eat more of whatever you have just ate! Constant snacking on sugary substances is proven to increase weight - by a lot - and can lead to other health complications such as diabetes.

Tip 4. Give Fat The Elbow!

Cut down on your fat intake. Many times people who want to lose weight diligently read the labels of their foods and scour the supermarket shelves for low-calories foods but totally fail to look at the fat content!

Simply cutting down on foods that contain high fat can have a dramatic effect on your body fat. Try it and watch what happens!

Tip 5. 10 Minutes Should Do It!

Exercise, exercise, exercise!

It has been proven that just 30 minutes of additional exercise a day can start to reduce body fat, strengthen the heart and move you closer to a healthy body!

You don't even need to take this extra 30 minutes all in one go - try dividing this exercise up into three 10 minute periods. Park the car 5 minutes further away from the shop. An extra 5 minutes to the shop and an extra 5 back equals 10 minutes.

Catch the bus to work a few stops further down than normal or walk to get milk instead of driving.

Small changes in your exercise routine can be almost imperceptible but can have a effect on your weight! In addition to the above tips you should consider training your mind and body to do things the way a naturally thin person does them. Visit weight loss hypnotherapy to learn more.

You should also consider trying a hypnotherapy CD designed to help you lose weight as they have been proven to be highly effective.








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