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With 1 in 3 People Now Suffering From an Allergy it isn't Surprising that
Hypnotists Have Developed Powerful Mind/Body Tools To Treat Them!
But Do They Work?

The Allergy Outbreak!

Girl suffering allergy symptomsWith the quality of food deteriorating, climate change accelerating at frightening speed and overly polluted environments it is no wonder allergies are on the rise.

There are a huge number of people who suffer from a variety of allergic reactions with the most common allergy being Hay Fever. Most people are dissatisfied with the treatment they are getting and conventional medicine seems helpless to totally eliminate the symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Although you should always seek professional medical advice when it comes to health issues there are alternatives to conventional medicine.

Hypnosis can been used very successfully to treat a number of allergies and lessen, or even eliminate, common symptoms such as irritated eyes, a runny nose and sore throat. It is also very effective as a treatment for skin irritations.

Allergy Release Hypnosis

The Mind-Body Connection

It has long been understood that the mind has a powerful effect on the body. Any health professional will tell you that a person's attitude toward their own health will either help or hinder their recovery from illness.

However, the power of the mind over the body goes much deeper than mere positive thinking. At a subconscious level the entire workings of your body are being regulated by your mind.

At very deep level of mind the blueprints for your internal and external systems are held within the realm of the subconscious mind. It is these "blueprints" that the subconscious mind uses to repair and rebuild your body!

Every cell in your body gets replaced by a new oneDo you realize that every cell in your body, including your bones, are replaced roughly every seven years! For most parts of your body this cell regeneration takes place much, much quicker.

In fact it was discovered as far back as the 1950s that, on an atomic level, every year 98% of the atoms making-up your body are replaced!

Hypnotherapists believe that by accessing the subconscious mind and changing the instructions it uses to regenerate your cells and reorganize your atoms it is possible to repair your body more quickly, make it stronger and remove imperfections!

Therefore to remove an allergy you must direct the subconscious mind to change its blueprint of your body!

Allergy Release Hypnosis

Hypnotic Health Treatment

Hypnosis is not just an alternative treatment that is sought by people who reject conventional medicine. Neither is it just hocus-pocus!

Hypnosis has been researched by a multitude of scientific investigators all over the world.

The Harvard Medical School conducted research into the healing effects of hypnosis. Two groups of volunteers, with recent bone fractures were divided into two groups. Both groups received standard treatment.

However one group also used a hypnotic audio treatment designed specifically to accelerate healing from a bone fracture.

Harvard Medical School found that the group who used the hypnosis audio program healed at a faster rate than those who did not. They also found that the hypnosis subjects used less pain killers and experienced better mobility than the subjects who had no access to the hypnosis program!

They concluded that, "these data suggest that hypnosis may be capable of enhancing both anatomical and functional fracture healing, and that further investigation of hypnosis to accelerate healing is warranted." ∗

Hypnotic Allergy Treatment

Allergies are the result of a defect in the immune system. Many of these allergic reactions seem to lack any specific microbial cause - thus the failure of modern medicine to effectively eliminate them.

Scientific evidence for hypnotic healing is growingUnwanted physical reactions resulting from asthma, food, pollen, dust, chemicals, and a multitude of others are extremely difficult to treat using conventional medicine.

While the symptoms of allergies vary, they all share a common cause - the immune system is over active and targeting "threats" were no real threat exists.

There are often psychosomatic factors which can worsen allergic reactions and stress can greatly increase the onset of symptoms and the intensity of them. Hypnosis is a proven tool for reducing stress and controlling the symptoms of it.

However, hypnotherapists also believe that through hypnosis it is possible to instruct your subconscious mind to actually change how your immune system works!

Whether the immune system is actually being altered through hypnosis or not is hotly debated. However, there is a great deal of evidence to suggest this may be an accurate view of what is really happening and the results speak for themselves. The success rate for the treatment of skin irritations and hay fever, for example, is extremely high!

A 2 year research project carried out at University of Basel, Switzerland demonstrated the power of hypnosis for allergy treatment. 66 volunteers, who suffered from hay fever, were divided into two groups. Each group continued with their normal medication.

However, in the first year of the study, one group were taught to use self hypnosis in an attempt to reduce their allergy symptoms.

All volunteers who used hypnosis reported a reduction in their symptoms.

After this initial success researchers taught the second group the same hypnotic techniques, in the second year of the study, and found that they also experienced a reduction in their symptoms!

In addition the volunteers also reduced their dependency on drugs and the doses administered!

Allergy Release Hypnosis

Hypnotic Allergy Reviews

We tested several hypnosis products designed to alleviate the symptoms of allergies and some that claimed to be able to eliminate the allergy altogether.

Some products worked well while others were useless!

Use hypnosis to relieve allergy symptomsWe won't waste your time naming the ones that don't work because there are too many of them. Instead we have chosen three that we found to be very effective at reducing allergic reactions.

In some cases they seemed to eliminate the allergy completely although it will require several years "allergy-free" before we can make that claim.

The reason we picked the three best products, instead of just recommending one, is because we wanted to find a product that could deal with any allergy effectively but we also wanted to find great products that specifically deal with the two most common allergies - Hay Fever & Skin Irritations (Eczema)!

We found that for Hay Fever suffers a specific approach is best - Hay Fever Hypnosis.

We also found that if you suffer from skin irritations then the Eczema Hypnosis works a treat.

Both the Hay Fever and Eczema hypnosis products are offered by the same manufacturer.

The third hypnosis session is from a different hypnotherapist and is an overall allergy release product. We found that this worked well for any allergy including hay fever and eczema. However if you have either of these then we suggest you get the more specific sessions available.

Both companies offer a full 90 day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Hay Fever Hypnosis

hypnosis for hayfeverHay fever is usually a seasonal response to pollen in the air although dust and other external factors canb cause similar symptoms and allergic reactions.

As we explained earlier allergies are caused when your immune system over-reacts to certain outside stimuli. Some things cause an allergic reaction in your body - like pollen with hay fever sufferers.

The hypnosis session that we found worked best on this particular allergy is designed to reset your immune system. By gaining direct access to the subconscious mind the hypnotic session, through post hypnotic suggestions, directs this powerful part of your mind to change how your immune system deals with the causes of your hay fever.

By stopping your immune system from over-reacting to pollen, and other causes of hay fever, your symptoms immediately begin to clear-up. Several of our reviewers found that their symptoms completely disappeared after just one week of using this hypnosis program.

Hay Fever Hypnosis

Eczema Hypnosis

Reduce skin irritation using hypnosisThe Eczema Hypnosis recording has a similar approach to the Hay Fever Hypnosis - not surprising as it comes from the same hypnotic company. It is designed to reset your immune system and change how it deals with the causes of your skin irritation.

It is also designed to immediately help ease the pain of irritated skin that has been scratched excessively.

We found that, initially, there was a little discomfort when using hypnosis to treat eczema as the itching from the eczema was worsened for a short while when reviewers began to relax.

However, when they surrendered themselves to the hypnotic process and allowed their conscious minds to become stilled by the induction process they started to get great results.

Eczema Hypnosis

Allergy Release Hypnosis

Allergy release hypnosisThe Allergy Release Hypnosis session comes from a different manufacturer but is equally as good as the other two.

This session deals with eliminating the symptoms of your allergy and focuses your attention on removing them from your life. Then your subconscious mind is guided to eliminate the allergy completely.

We got great results from this hypnosis session but they were a little longer coming than the more specific titles. If you are willing to follow the instructions and dedicate the 60 minutes needed to complete the trance sequence you will start to see results within about a week.

If you can listen to it every day then keep using it for at least 30 days. If you can only manage 3 or 4 sessions a week then follow this routine for between 60 and 90 days to ensure the results you get are permanent.

Allergy Release Hypnosis


If you suffer from an allergy then you don't need us telling you how terrible it is. Apart from the inconvenience and irritation the symptoms cause, in severe cases the pain can be unbearable!

The good news is you don't have to continue suffering. Hypnosis is a scientifically proven tool to aid healing and it has been used by thousands of people to reduce allergy symptoms and even eliminate the allergy completely.

We tested many products designed to help you eliminate your allergies and found three that were very effective - Hay Fever Hypnosis, Eczema Hypnosis & Allergy Release Hypnosis.

If you have hay fever then we suggest you get the more specific title. If you suffer from any type of skin irritation then the Eczema Hypnosis would be the best choice. For everyone else you will get great results from the more general Allergy Release Hypnosis session.

All products are offered with a 90 day money-back guarantee which is plenty of time to see the results you want. In fact you should start seeing major benefits in as little as a week!

Hay Fever Hypnosis

Eczema Hypnosis

Allergy Release Hypnosis

Allergy Release Hypnosis



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*Altern Ther Health Med. 1999 Mar;5(2):67-75.
"Using hypnosis to accelerate the healing of bone fractures: a randomized controlled pilot study".
Ginandes CS, Rosenthal DI. Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, USA